New character coming to Global - Yuyi

Yuyi, the PVP menace will be released in the Global server tomorrow!

New character - Yuyi

First of all, you probably already noticed the name change - while for the longest time we have used Yuui when talking about her, the official translation is slightly different. Hence, Yuyi.

Here is Yuyi in all her glory:

And here is her skill set:

S1 - Overclock/Bloody Trail

Gain 20 Energy. Inflicts 106% damage on a single enemy target, and advances own action bar by 5%. When Critically Strikes, action bar advance effect is doubled. When you are Stealthed, your skills will be strengthened to Penetrate 30% of the target's Defense, regardless of a damage sharing effect.

S2 - Storing Energy - Passive

At the beginning of the battle, get 40 Energy, which can only be triggered once. When any enemy uses non-attack skill, she gains 40 Energy. When anyone uses a non-attack skill, if Yuui's Energy is 100, she will consume all energy, gain an Extra Turn, and Cleanse herself. Obtaining energy takes precedence over energy judgment.

S3 - 100 Binds - 5 turns cooldown

Deal 190.8% damage to a single enemy target. This attack will be counted as having elemental advantage. Give self Stealth and a Barrier with amount equal to 120% attack for 2 rounds. When [100 Binds] kills the target, it will cause Attack Down to all enemy targets for 2 rounds.

If you want to check her skill with all the important things colored, please go to her profile - Yuyi Profile.

Should you pull her?

While Yuyi (I for sure won't get used to that name and for sure call her by the old one instead) is a powerhouse in PVP, especially on defense, in Global we already have Homura who fulfills a similar role.

This combined with the fact, that in November we might get Frame Arms Girl collab, I suggest skipping her if you are a F2P player and instead save for the collab.



Monday, 17 October 2022