New character - Neve!

Neve's kit has just been revealed! Check the post to learn more about the bear-clad SR Attacker!

New character - Neve

Neve's kit has just been revealed on the official Twitter of NIKKE!

Here's her information card:

We already added her to the website, so if you want to check her skills and information in a more mobile-friendly format, please go here to open her profile.

First impressions

Neve will be the first SR rarity character added to the game since the launch and a lot of players who are currently stuck farming the most annoying boss in the game (any game honestly as the Interception S boss fight is simply badly designed) should be happy to learn that she is a Shotgun user. So those who are Drake and Maiden-less will for sure slot her into their teams immediately after getting her.

Let's talk about her kit first.

Her S1 is a short cooldown (10s) attack that will target the lowest HP enemy. Nothing exciting here, as it's just additional damage. Her S2 is more interesting as it gives her Pierce and a massive ATK buff for 2 shots whenever you enter Full Burst - this will make those two shots deal significant damage against both single targets and groups of enemies that are clustered together (since those shots will Pierce enemies, it should provide you with some nice AOE burst damage).

As for her Burst skill, it gives her both Critical Rate (which with the current damage formula isn't that good, but as long as you don't attack a stage under recommended power, it's a DPS gain) and Hit Rate, which will decrease the spread of the pellets and increase her range. Since both of those buffs will last for 20 seconds, the duration is a really decent one for an SR rarity character.

Overall, Neve for sure should help players who don't have many Shotgun characters that are essential on the Interception S boss (unless you are way over-leveled for it). but we need to test her first to confirm those assumptions. Still, be aware that she's only an SR rarity character, so while she can fill that spot temporarily, she won't perform as well as SSR Shotgun users like Drake, Maiden or Isabel on that boss.

Her rating and review will be added within 72h of her release - which will happen on the 8th of December.

How to get Neve?

Neve will be one of the main rewards of the incoming Christmas-themed event - Miracle Snow. One copy of her will be available after clearing the 1-12 Normal stage, another is available login calendar and the third is locked behind event missions.



Sunday, 04 December 2022