New character reviews and new (and updated) guides!

Three characters reviews were added this week and together with them we also added a few new guides!

New reviews

Sin, Quency, and Himeno reviews were added to the site and all three characters are now available on the tier list.

You can check their reviews on their profiles:

Also, we've marked the new characters that appear on the tier list with a red wand icon, so it's easier to spot them.

It seems that those who selected Guilty as their first Liberation target are the biggest winner of the mode as she's simply an amazing damage dealer.

New and updated guides

We've updated quite a lot of guides today, including:

  • Reroll guide,

  • Early and late meta teams guide,

  • Wishlist tips,

  • Liberation guide,

  • Union Raid overview,

  • Union Raid teams.

We've also added a few new guides:

  • each of the bosses you fought in Union Raid Season 2 has its own page now, where you can find their stats, tactics, sample teams, and videos,

    • since most of the bosses available in the game already appeared in the previous UR seasons, we're pretty sure that the next season will start repeating some of them (like it already happened with Modernia),

  • Harmony Cubes - information,

    • this guide gives you all information about the Harmony Cubes - when you unlock them, which ones to upgrade first, etc

  • Harmony Cubes - data,

    • this guide gives you the raw data for the Cubes - their leveling scaling, stats scaling, etc,

  • Harmony Cubes - suggestions,

    • this guide shows you what Cubes works best on all characters available in the game.

You can find all those guides on our Guide page and to make it easier to spot the updated and new guides, we've added blue and red labels beside them.



Wednesday, 08 March 2023