New characters + release skill info added to the website!

Finally! We've just added the 12 new characters to the website and also updated the kits of all the old characters!

Video version

Check the video version of the announcement here - TimaeuSS video.

12 new characters

We have just added the recently revealed characters to our website! Now you can not only check all their information but also what skills they have.

You can click on their names to directly go to their profile.

Dolla - Sniper Rifle

Folkwang - Assault Rifle

Isabel - Shotgun

Liter - SMG

Maiden - Shotgun

Milk - Sniper Rifle

Novel - SMG

Pepper - Shotgun

Rapunzel - Rocket Launcher

Rupee - Assault Rifle

Vesti - Rocket Launcher

Yulha - Sniper Rifle

Updated kits

Furthermore, we have updated the information and kits for all the characters that were already on the website with their skills that will be available on the game's release.

So now you can check if your favorite character survived the balance pass between CBT, TT, and now the official release.

Reviews and ratings

While we updated the kits, we had to hide the reviews and ratings temporarily. The same thing happened to the tier list.

But have no fear!

Later today we will update the website again and the reviews, ratings, and tier list will be back - all ready for the release!




Tuesday, 01 November 2022