New guides and updated character list!

We've updated our database with characters that were available in CBT2 and also added a few beginner guides for Honkai: Star Rail!


We updated our Character page with a list of all characters available in the CBT2, their skills, and Eidolon upgrades. We also added the 4 characters that were recently revealed (Bailu, Qingque, Tingyun, and Yanqing) but their skills aren't known yet.


Nine guides were also recently added to our Guides page. Here's the list of them:

  • Combat and exploration - an in-depth look into the gameplay of Honkai: Star Rail,

  • Game modes - list of available game modes in the game and what you can obtain from them,

  • Game systems - information about various systems available in Honkai: Star Rail,

  • Gacha system - information about the gacha system in Honkai: Star Rail,

  • Character progression - how to make your characters stronger,

  • Elements - the elemental system of Honkai: Star Rail explained,

  • Paths - the paths system of Honkai: Star Rail explained,

  • Light Cones - what are Light Cones and how to upgrade them,

  • Relics - what are Relics and what Relics Sets are available in the Honkai: Star Rail.

There's also a 10th guide, but it combines some of the guides from above for easier reading without going too in-depth into them.

Please keep in mind that all the information in the guides is based on CBT2 and it's highly likely a lot of things will change with the upcoming Final CBT.



Friday, 27 January 2023