New guides for Eversoul

We have prepared a new guides for Eversoul and also updated a few old ones!

Updated guides

Eversoul has been released roughly 36 hours ago and we were busy bees during that time!

Here's the list of changes:

  • all characters now have their release kits available on the website, so you can quickly check what they can do while planning your team,

  • after testing as many characters as we could on multiple accounts and with the help of the community we updated the 'tier list' with a list of great early-game characters,

New guides

  • reroll guide - while you don't really need to reroll in Eversoul, some players want to have a better start, so we've prepared this guide for them!

  • ascension guide - this is the most troublesome feature of idle games, and we described in detail how you can ascend your characters to higher rarities,

  • campaign rewards - a simple guide with a list of rewards you get for clearing each chapter,

  • campaign unlocks - another simple guide that features the list of unlocks gated by the campaign.

What we are working on next?

More guides!

But, joking aside, next on our list is adding the Artifacts to the website, because they are very important as each gives a character a new passive that sometimes improves her drastically.

We also are working on a Spending guide and Zodiac guide (don't sleep on this feature, as you can improve your resource income there!).

Also, don't forget to join our Discord! We just reached our biggest milestone yet - 10 000 members! Come and hang out with us! We always share various information first there before uploading it to the website.



Friday, 06 January 2023