New top-tier character released in CN - Izumo!

The latest character released in the CN region not only looks great, but also is top tier!

New character - Izumo

Here's Izumo in all her glory:

She's a Molten Assault-type character who specialized in single-target damage and she can basically one-shot everyone in the game.

Here is her skill set:

S1 - Destined For Obliteration

Deal 106% damage to a single enemy target and gain Attack Buff for 1 round.

S2 - Bittersweet Karma - Passive

Any skill damage you take in a single damage instance will not exceed a 90% of your max health. At the end of an enemy's turn, if own health ratio is lower than 50%Cleanse self of 2 debuffs, then additionally use [Bittersweet Karma]. Can be used once every 2 rounds. Bittersweet Karma: Gain Attack Buff for 2 rounds.

S3 - False Hell - 4 turns cooldown

Deal 212% damage to a single enemy target and increase damage by 0.3% per 1% own missing health. This attack can not be counterattacked. If this attack is deflected, use [False Hell] as 1 additional attack. When using [False Hell] as an additional attack, accuracy increases by 100%.

If you want to check her skill with all the important things colored, please go to her profile - Izumo Profile.



Wednesday, 12 October 2022