New Year Message from the producer!

A YouTube video has been just released that provides us with information about what's coming to NIKKE next year!


You can watch the YouTube video here.


  • the complete OST for the game will be released on YouTube tomorrow, and in January it will also become available in the in-game Jukebox,

  • official merchandise is already in production - for now, only figurines are revealed,

  • more animated cut-scenes will be produced as players really liked them,

  • the first collaboration is already decided and more information will be released around May/June,

  • Liberation mode will be added to the game soon - it gives access to SSR characters that can't be obtained in any other way. The first iteration of this mode will allow you to get 3 characters: Sin, Quency, and Guilty,

  • new bosses will be added to the game - Nihilister, Gatekeeper, and Mother Whale,

    • they will appear both in the story and in coop events,

  • upcoming feature - you will be able to set skill cutscenes as the lobby background,

  • upcoming feature - official horizontal mode support will be added,

  • 15 free summon tickets will be sent as a New Year gift (5 tickets every day for 3 days, starting from 1st January).

Liberation Mode

For sure this part is the most interesting for many players as everyone loves free stuff, so let's discuss it in a bit more detail.

In this mode, you will be able to free prisoners by doing daily missions and gathering points. First, you have to pick who you want to free, and then you will need to gather enough points to actually obtain that character - points can be gathered by doing special missions. The missions are all gameplay related, like doing dispatches, challenging interception, etc, so nothing different from the usual stuff you do every day anyway. Also, while you can change the prisoner you want to free at any time, by doing so you will lose part of the points you already gathered so far.

And the first three prisoners were also revealed! While their kits were already leaked, we won't post them here as we don't even know when will the mode be released, so stuff can change for sure. We will only provide the basic information as it's unlikely to change (but it's still possible).

Also, keep in mind that you won't be able to pull any of the 3 characters - you have to get them from this mode. And once you get one of the prisoners, you will be able to get her dupes to max LMB and Core them.

Just keep in mind that potentially it will take quite a long time to free even one prisoner.


Burst II, AR, Defender


Burst II, Shotgun, Attacker


Burst II, SMG, Supporter



Saturday, 31 December 2022