Our early tier list for Limbus Company is here!

After a few days of testing we're ready to unveil our early tier list!


This is just an early-tier list created after a few days of testing. The information comes from members of both our staff and our community who already cleared the available content. Thanks to some ekhm, whaling, they were able to build a variety of teams and test maxed-out IDs and EGOs in every content available to us currently.

Also, we will continue to test the characters and the tier list will be updated even on a daily basis if it will be needed!

Tier list

Here's a bit more info about the tier list:

  • This is an early tier list created based on our experiences and the feedback of players, who already cleared the available content in Limbus Company. We will constantly revise it based on finding some new synergies or after getting feedback,

  • The Identities are actually decently balanced and you can make a lot of them work - this tier list tries to show the outliers that either offer something more (or less),

  • Ratings take into account potential team synergies or EGO already - check the reviews for more details,

  • Base Identities aren't included, because we're still testing them but all of them will belong to at least A tier since they're decently balanced,

  • Ratings are based on Tier 3 Identities,

  • Identities within a tier are placed in alphabetical order.

You can find the tier list here - Limbus Company tier list.

Also, on top of the tier list, we already reviewed all 00 and 000 IDs - simply head to their profiles and scroll to the Review section to find our reasoning behind the ratings.

We've also added a beginner team guide that features 8 teams currently - every team is built based on one of the synergies available in the game, so if you're still not sure what to do with your characters, go take a look!

Beginner team ideas guide - check it here.

Catch us on our Discord if you want to provide feedback!



Thursday, 02 March 2023