Patch Notes 16/02 - Dragon Empress is here!

Ice-Dragon Empress Honglan will be released this week together with more QoL updates and fixes!


The icy-dragon empress Honglan who may look cold on the outside but also has a fluffy side to her will join the roster on February 16!

Check here for source.

New Soul - Ice Moon Butterfly Honglan

  • The guardian in Gaon who protects the lands from all threats. Contrary to her powerful presence, she is laid back, always floating around playing with baby rabbits and combing clouds. Now and then she seems to lack common sense, but this may not be coincidental…

  • You can obtain Honglan through any Soul-summoning methods including Normal Summon, Friendship Summon, Choice Summon, Soul's Memory (Epic), and Pick-up Summons.

  • Skill specs may change through a future skill balance patch.

You can find her skills on her profile.

[New Soul Pick-up]
  • Honglan's Pick-Up Summon event is coming up. There's a high chance of getting Ice Moon Butterfly Honglan through the event.

    • Pick-up Period: February 16 after maintenance—March 1, 23:59 UTC

  •  Dimensional Labyrinth Double Reward Event will follow the new schedule below:

    • Event Period: February 22, 00:00 UTC—March 7, 23:59 UTC

  • Labyrinth Ticket will be sent to the individuals who did not progress with the additional round of Labyrinth in the previously-announced Labyrinth reset issue announced Here.

    • You can use the Labyrinth Ticket to play a Dimensional Labyrinth additionally even after your entry to the Dimensional Labyrinth is used up. (You need to have completely cleared the Dimensional Labyrinth for a re-entry).

    • The "Dimensional Labyrinth Double Reward Event" does not apply to additional entries to the Dimensional Labyrinth using a Labyrinth Ticket.

  • The Love Story ending reward that was missing due to an error will be sent via your in-game mailbox. 

    • Please look for "Missing Love Story Reward" and claim it straight from your in-game mailbox as soon as you log in.

  • The background of the cut scene included in Chapter 4 Episode 4 will be improved. 

  • Now you can sell your objects you own that exceeds the placement limit for Town Coins from the 'Take Out' screen. The 'Sell' button will only appear for the objects you have more than the placement limit.

  • The same objects that have been duplicately-placed in the same area will be automatically withdrawn to your bag. (For instances where it's Building on Tile, these will not be withdrawn).

  • Now you can place buildings on top of tiles.

  • Tiles will not be included in the "Place Object" limit of 1,000 anymore.

  • The <Building Reset> and <Tile Reset> function will be added. (Using Building Reset will cancel the current Part-time in job in progress and the Souls placed in Residences will be released).

  • The Town you are currently visiting will also be changed to be displayed in the Expedition list.

  • Using 'Auto-select' under 'Soul's Rest' will now place Souls in the following order:

    • Soul of lowest energy > Highest grade > Highest Part-time skill.


Valentine's themed music will be added to the Lobby BGM.

  • The issue where Graphics setting was not being normally applied will be fixed. If you are currently experiencing lags in the game, please readjust your Graphics setting and try again for now.

[Valentines Gifts!]

Check out your mailbox for Valentine's Gift: Everstone x1,004, Love Potion x200, Eternity Flower x5 [Claim Period: February 14 00:00 UTC—February 16, 00:00 UTC]

and thats not all!, If you have characters with true ending unlocked, you can recieve special Love Chest from them!



Tuesday, 14 February 2023