Pre-release information for this week's update!

A note was released that reveals part of the fixes coming in this week's update, including Vivienne's nerf!


You can check the pre-release note here.

The changes will be applied this week on the 12th of January.

General fixes

  • Quantity of Tiles being given out from the Town Shop will change from 10 → 100. Price remains the same and if you had purchased 10 Tiles with 300 Town Coins, you will receive the 270 Town Coins back retroactively.

  • Infinite loading that happens intermittently when going back to Lobby from Town and downloading a patch again will be resolved.

  • Intermittent issue of controls not working when entering Friend's Town will be fixed.

  • Intermittent issues of daily conversation not progressing due to Bond Info error will be fixed. 

Vivianne ultimate fix

Vivienne's Ultimate Skill's (Giant Destroyer of All Things) skill range is a known issue as the skill tooltip states "skill inflicts damage 4m around the enemy," but the range is greater and the damage is being applied to all enemies.

Also, we have found an additional issue with the Ultimate Skill effect. The skill applies additional damage of 90%, 95%, 100% but unlike what was intended, it was applying 110%, 115%, and 120%.

However, changing both the skill range and additional damage applied could cause inconvenience to the Saviors who are utilizing Vivienne in their party, so we have decided to fix only the skill range by cutting back on the skill range back to 4m as intended, and we will not fix the additional skill damage inflicted.

We the development team are well aware that bringing changes to specs. and skills for Souls can bring a major effect on your gameplay experience. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to Vivienne's skill issue above, and we promise constant balance checks to reduce such issues.


  • Vivienne's Ultimate Skill, "Giant Destroyer of All Things" skill range will be fixed to correctly apply damage 4m around the enemy as the skill tooltip states, and the visual issue of skill effect and the actual hit being inflicted appearing to occur at different spots will be fixed.

  • Vivienne's Ultimate Skill, "Giant Destroyer of All Things," will have the tooltip changed to additional state damage of 110%, 115%, and 120% (from the previous 90%, 95%, and 100%).

TL;DR Vivienne's Ultimate range will now only hit targets in the frontline, but it will still do the same damage as she does now. So she will go from beyond broken, to merely really strong.

Other bug fixes

  • Prim's Artifact skill, "Where's the Ace?" being applied only to herself will be resolved.

  • Miriam's Artifact skill "Cursed Bullet" applying the resistance decrease in proportion to the enemy's resistance instead of what is the correct stats will be fixed.

  • Display issue of Rebecca's Artifact skill "Mana-Destroying Yellow Injection" tooltip not changing even after skill level has increased will be resolved. 

  • Text issue of Aira's sub-skill stating "130% of Aira's max HP" instead of "130% of Aira's ATK" will be fixed.

  • Jacqueline's Ultimate Skill, "Operation: Meteor Strike '' tooltip stating to apply damage "to the target witht  the lowest HP '' when it's actually "to the closest enemy" will be fixed.

  • Jacqueline's Ultimate Skill, "Operation: Meteor Strike" will be revised so that when moving you will not overlap completely with the enemy.

  • Soonie's Main Skill, "Onboard Crossfire" tooltip stating to apply damage "to the farthest enemy" when it's actually "to the closest enemy" will be fixed.

  • Catherine's Sub Skill, "Credo" continuing to apply its invincible effect in certain cases will be fixed. 

Additional revisions to better the game environment will be prepared and for details, please check the patch notes coming up.



Tuesday, 10 January 2023