Preview for 18/01 update - new characters and a new mode!

Two characters and a new mode will be released next week in Archeland!


You can find the original preview article here.

The update will happen on the 18th of January.

New characters

Similar to last time, two characters will be released and while we're sure about one of them, the second remains a mystery.

Character 1 - ???

The weapon looks like a talisman, so the owner will be either a Mage or Priest.

Character 2 - Suzy and Susan

Those weapons belong to Suzy and Susan who appeared quite a lot in the early main story chapters as NPC. Here's what they look like:

Suzy and Susan are classified as a Dark Mage and they will be our first Twin characters in the game.

New mode - Tower of Shadows

Archeland lacks the Tower mode that's the staple of gacha games - you climb up the tower, fighting against stronger and stronger teams and obtaining great rewards along the time. We're hoping the Tower of Shadows will finally give us that mode!

Dimensional update

The next chapter of the Dimensional Dungeon will be released with this update - and we will continue Jin's story!



Thursday, 12 January 2023