Prydwen Institute Alpha release

The alpha version of the new website for Prydwen Institute has been released!

After a few months of work, I can finally share the new platform that combines our Counter Side and Artery Gear websites but also introduces two new games we want to support: Goddess of Victory: NIKKE and Limbus Company.

The majority of the content from the Counter Side and Artery Gear websites has already been ported, but we are still checking everything just to make sure nothing was skipped.

As for NIKKE - the game isn't released yet and we are currently adding reviews to all the characters based on the CBT and Technical Test. The Limbus Company section is the barest as we just started working on it and there are a lot of unknowns too as the game didn't even have a CBT yet.

The Discord login functionality, which will allow you to create an account on the website and in the future use it to leave comments, reviews, and do a lot of other things is also a work in progress.

What's not finished yet:

  • all the search bars,

  • comments are just placeholders,

  • the Gear Calculator for Artery Gear,

  • social sharing for blogs.

If you find any bugs or issues, please let us know on our Discord and we will fix everything as soon as possible!



Saturday, 08 October 2022