Qingque - character preview

A note was released earlier today that reveals more information about Qingque!


You can find the original note here.


Qingque is a 4* Quantum character following the Path of Erudition.


An average Diviner of the Divination Commission, who will never slack off when it comes to slacking off. She passed the Divination Commissions entrance exam to please her parents, only to discover what she had originally thought to be a relaxing public servant job to instead be very intensive and a worker's nightmare. After several years of experience, Qingque had finally honed her craft — No matter which department she changes to, she remains the lowest level of Diviners.

"When there's nothing else left to do, why not bury your head in a book or play cards? What more could I ask for?"


We already added Qingque's skills to her profile, so you can check them there, but keep in mind that the multipliers weren't revealed in the preview.

Basic Attack - Self-Drawn Win

Qingque tosses 1 jade tile of the suit with the fewest number of tiles in Qingque's current hand, and deals Quantum DMG to a single enemy.

Enhanced Basic Attack - Out With Dead Wall Tile!

After performing Enhanced Basic Attack, Qingque deals Quantum DMG to a single enemy and adjacent enemies.

Skill - Last Tile Claim

After using her Skill, Qingque immediately draws jade tiles from the Celestial Jade, gains 1 extra turn, and increases her DMG for a certain number of turns. This effect is stackable.

Ultimate - Four Concealed Fish? Win!

After using Ultimate, Qingque draws 1 jade tile from the Celestial Jade and throws it at enemies, dealing Quantum DMG. After that, Qingque changes all her current jade tiles to the Fish suit.

Talent - Celestial Jade

Qingque randomly draws 1 jade tile. The title may belong to the Cracks, Dots, or Bamboo suit. Up to 4 tiles may be held at one time. If Qingque holds 4 tiles of the same suit at the beginning of her turn, she will use up all tiles and enters the Concealed Kong state, improving her ATK and enhancing her Basic ATK (Out With Dead Wall Tile!). The Concealed Kong state will terminate after an Enhanced Basic ATK has been performed.

Technique - To Challenge Myself

After using her Technique, Qingque draws jade tiles when entering a battle.

Also, if you want to check her animations, you can find them in the official notice.

First impressions

Qingque seems like a super RNG character that when the luck is on your side can deal some good damage, but when it doesn't, she will struggle. Still, since she's a DPS character, we really need to see the numbers on her skills to know if she will be good or bad.



Tuesday, 07 February 2023