Rearmed Gaeun kit revealed!

Rearmed Gaeun will be released in the KR server tomorrow - check her translated kit inside!


You can find the original patch notes here.

Rearmed Gaeun

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Ranger

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Fires a pistol at the foremost target.

Passive - Accent - 2 Valid Hits

Focuses energy into the barrel, creating an instantaneous polarity that enhances all attacks. After every 3rd Basic attack, she delivers an enhanced attack, inflicting AoE damage on and around her target. Also decreases the targets' ASPD by 10% for 4 seconds.

At level 5, ASPD -20% instead.

At level 10, Skill Haste -20% added to the debuff (10% in Gauntlet).

Special - Double Flat - 3 Valid Hits - 23 sec. cooldown

Dodges backward and fires an energy bomb, inflicting AoE damage on and around the foremost target. Stuns targets for 1 second.

At level 5, skill cooldown -2 s.

At level 10, targets are Silenced for 1 second.

Ultimate - Broadcasting Sign-on - 3 Valid Hits - 44 sec. cooldown

Starts a performance that melts the hearts of viewers in the front and back rows. Fires projectiles that quickly hits multiple enemies several times, inflicting AoE damage.

At level 5, the passive decreases the Ultimate skill cooldown by 2 s.

At level 10, damaged targets receive +20% DMG Taken AMP for 8s. (Does not refresh debuff duration, 10% in Gauntlet).

Leader - HRT-Berry Climax

Becomes the true leader of HRT-Berry. Increases all allies' ASPD by 10% for 4s every time Gauen uses Special or Ultimate Skill.

At level 5, Increases ASPD by 20% in PvE.

Here is her full design:

New Skin

A free skin for Gaeun will be given to all players via a login calendar:



Tuesday, 14 February 2023