Recommended power changes in the Main Story!

Finally! The Campaign starting from Chapter 12 to 18 has been nerfed!

Story difficulty changes

Starting from Stage 12-1 and ending on Stage 18-33, the recommended power has been lowered!

  • 12-1: 35200 → 33840

  • 16-28: 95920 → 74000

  • 18-33: 132100 → 103500

This means that reaching higher chapters should be much easier now!

You can see the comparison between the old requirements (orange line) and the new ones (blue line) in the image below (credits to the community discord for creating it):

Open the image in a new window to see the numbers.

Also, since this means more people will start hitting 16-28, we will soon release a dedicated guide for all 5 bosses you will fight in the Special Interception that unlocks then!



Thursday, 29 December 2022