Sneak peek for the next week's Archeland update!

A notice was just released that gives us a sneak peek into next week's Archeland update: new characters, new skins, and RTA!


The information in this blog comes from 2 articles:

  • Sneak peek for next week's update - link

  • Gabriel reveal - link

  • Semi reveal - link

Next update summary

The next update in Archeland which will happen on the 28th of December, will for the first time bring us 2 new characters! Till now, all the banners had characters available in the release pool, but this will change next week.

Here's a summary of what we will get next week:

  • New character - Gabriel

  • New character - Semi

  • New skins - Nola and Charlotte

  • New game mode - RTA

New character - Gabriel

Gabriel who we all know from the tutorial battle will be released with the update on the 28th of December. You can watch her reveal video by going here and below you can check her most important information:

  • Rarity - SSR

  • Element - Light

  • Class - Tank

  • Weapon - Shield + Sword

Also, the video revealed some of her passives/skills:

  • Gabriel can Escort allies (like most Tanks can do),

  • Gabriel can heal herself before Escorting an ally (that's something unique to her),

  • Gabriel can buff herself with Renew (heal over time),

  • Gabriel has an AOE attack that deals decent damage,

  • Gabriel potentially can dodge incoming attacks (this is based on the animation seen in the reveal video).

Overall, since the Light element in Archeland can't be countered by any other element, it's perfect for a Tank - that's why a lot of players use Enjard in PVE as you can take her into any battle without worrying about the elemental wheel.

Once Gabriel is released and we will be able to check all of her skills, we will do a more in-depth analysis of her kit.

New character - Semi

Semi is the second new character to be released on the 28th of December. So we will be getting 2 new banners at the same time. You can watch her reveal video by going here and below you can check her most important information:

  • Rarity - SSR

  • Element - Lightning

  • Class - Assassin

  • Weapon - Sword

Judging from the video, we can assume that Semi is a mirror of Cao Qin from Kalpa of Universe, but her element was changed from Fire to Lightning. Overall, in Kalpa, Cao Qin is the best Assassin in the game. Here's what she's capable of:

  • resetting the cooldown of her skills if she kills a target/dodges an attack (this passive has a 3-turn cooldown),

  • she has a special debuff that can't be cleansed and she will dodge attacks from enemies that have the debuff,

  • she deals extra critical damage against targets with the debuff,

  • since she's an Assassin she has higher mobility and can jump over terrain.

We can't be sure whether Semi will have the same skills as Cao Qin, but judging from the promo video, she does.

Here is her full design:

New skins

The notice revealed also that two skins will be added to the game, but they didn't tell who will get them. Still, the sneak peek images they showed (with accessories) makes us think that Charlotte and Nola will be the two characters that will get those skins.

New mode - RTA

Real-Time Arena will be released with the same update! For those who are not familiar with this team, RTA is a PVP match in which you fight against another player in real-time - currently, you can only fight against bots.

Sadly, no information about what level is needed to unlock RTA has been released yet.



Friday, 23 December 2022