Tier list and reviews ready for release!

As promised, we just added the tier list and reviews based on release performance for all characters!

Video version

If you prefer watching a video version of this blog, go here and check TimaeuSS video.

About our ratings

Prydwen team received access to the test server a few weeks ago and during that time we spend tons of hours testing all characters, their skills, and various team compositions - both for the early game and end game (since some of our accounts had all characters at max level with the best gear possible).

On top of the usual 'who-is-best-dps' tests that are quite easy to do in NIKKE thanks to the Shooting Range mode available in the Union, we also delved deep into all PVE modes to see what lies within. And the answer is - scary things, really scary things, but you will have to see them with your own eyes, we won't spoil anything.

Based on all the information we gathered, we rated and wrote a review for each SR and SSR character, that shows their strength and weaknesses.

Please keep in mind that the first iteration of the tier list focuses more on the individual strength of the characters, ignoring potential synergies - the reason behind that choice is that everyone will be starting with random characters, and building a perfect, specialized team will take time. Still, for those that are interested in team building, we will also release guides for early and meta teams we found out during the testing.

While we can't say that our ratings and reviews are perfect, as we might have missed something, at least we can say that we actually saw all the characters in action - and we are not basing the ratings just by looking at the kit.

Our DPS test

From all the testing we did, the DPS one is actually the only one that has easily measurable results and we would like to share a few things about our process.

To make things fair, even for the damage test we created several scenarios:

  • solo DPS with just using auto-aim (auto-skill turned off),

  • generic team-based test (auto-skill turned off),

  • generic team-based test (auto-skill turned on),

  • custom team-based for characters that have some gimmicks (like Guillotine needing to be on low hp, other characters needing burst cooldown reducers, etc).

  • All the above but with 0 gear equipped and with fully maxed gear.

The DPS tests were done in the previously mentioned Shooting Range, where enemies of all kinds spawn, so it made the testing easier.

Overall, during the process, we created a term called "Emma test" - let's see if a dedicated DPS deals less damage than a dedicated healer. Most attackers passed the Emma test. Most.

Both Drake and Alice are great damage dealers and their results show that (this is the generic team with auto-skill enabled test):

Here are Scarlet's results in the same scenario - one of the reasons why she is the best attacker in the game:

And here is someone who failed the Emma test:

Just keep in mind that those numbers you see above show characters' raw DPS potential, ignoring all synergies.

What do the ratings mean?

We decided to use the same F-SSS scale we are using for our other games, but we slightly adjusted the descriptions.

  • SSS - A god. Trivializes the game.

  • SS - An overpowered character that will be the pillar of your team.

  • S - An exceptional character that is a great addition to most teams.

  • A - A great character that can be used with success until you get someone stronger or more specialised.

  • B - A character commonly used to fill various gaps, but that doesn't shine anywhere on its own.

  • C - You can try making this character work, but it will be hard and pointless to do as it has some glaring issues in the kit.

  • D - Honestly, don't bother.

  • F - Fodder tier.

Huge thanks

I would like to say a huge thank you to koj who barely slept the last week as he was working during the day and during the night doing all the tests, so we could provide you with the most accurate information possible.

Thank you!

Tier list

Okay, enough of our rambling - here is the tier list. Don't forget to actually check the review of each character where we added reasons behind each rating. The profiles have been also updated with them.

Also, we will continue to test the game today and tomorrow, so there's a chance the tier list will be adjusted.



Wednesday, 02 November 2022