Tingyun - character preview

A note was released earlier today that reveals more information about Tingyun!


You can find the original note here.


Tingyun is a 4* Lightning character following the Path of Harmony. After using Skill, she can cause an ally and herself to deal additional damage when they attack. Her Ultimate can directly regenerate Energy to the target ally and increase their damage.


A silver-tongued Foxian girl, Tingyun is the Head Representative of the Whistling Flames, a merchant guild officially approved by the Sky-Faring Commission. She has such a way with words that often leaves her audience eagerly waiting for more of her captivating tales. As a result of her supervision, the Xianzhou trade fairs are now known throughout the galaxy.

"Try one's best to avoid conflict when possible, and persuade those who can be persuaded" — that's Tingyun's motto.


We already added Tingyun's skills to her profile, so you can check them there, but keep in mind that the multipliers weren't revealed in the preview.

Basic Attack - Dislodged

Tingyun swings her fan and deals Lightning DMG to an enemy.

Skill - Soothing Melody

After using Skill, Blesses a target ally, increasing their ATK. When a Blessed ally deals DMG to enemy targets within a certain number of turns, they will deal additional Lightning DMG. This effect only triggers for the most recently Blessed ally.

Ultimate - Ritual of the Auspicious Cloud

After using Ultimate, Tingyun regenerates the target ally's Energy and increases their DMG dealt.

Talent - Violet Sharknado

When Tingyun deals DMG to a target enemy, she deals additional Lightning DMG. The DMG is also related to which ally is Blessed.

Technique - Gentle Breeze

If Tingyun uses Technique before entering battle, she immediately regenerates her Energy at the start of battle.

Also, if you want to check her animations, you can find them in the official notice.

First impressions

Tingyun potentially can be a really good Energy support that will allow your team to reuse their Ultimate skills at a faster rate and also increase their damage.



Wednesday, 08 February 2023