Two new characters and a new rearm added in the KR region!

Awakened Regina, Rearm Rivet and Acolyte wll be released this week in the KR region!

New character - Awakened Regina

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Ranger

  • Deployment cost: 7

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack - 2 valid hits

Deals damage to enemies using ice attacks. When [Ice barrier] is active, continuously attacks enemies with Ice Vortex. Adds 1 stack of [Frost] per hit. Does not deal damage to targets exceeding valid hit.

[Frost] Each stack reduces SPD/ASPD by 3% per stack, up to 20 stacks - the effect lasts 5 seconds. Upon 20 stacks, the effect changes to [Freeze].

[Freeze] Become frozen for 5s. Immune to knockback/levitate. During [Freeze], unable to accumulate [Frost]. Boss excluded.

At level 5, When [Ice barrier] is removed, continue to create Ice Vortex.

Passive - A Monster of Reason - 2 Valid Hits

Immune to Frost and Freeze. When deployed, enters the [Ice barrier] state (cannot be removed). When [Ice barrier] is active, becomes immune to all Hitstun, Sleep, and Stun. When [Ice barrier] is active, gain 100% more HP but continuously lose HP per second (up to 30%/s) and continuously gains ATK (up to 150%). When HP falls below 50%, deals AoE damage in front adds 5 stacks of [Frost] to damaged enemies and removes [Ice barrier] on caster.

At level 5, when [Ice barrier] is removed, gains 100% Knockback RES. The effect is removed after taking 12 hits (Activated again after casting ultimate).

Special - Singularity - 34 seconds cooldown - 3 valid hits

Deals AoE damage in front and each hit adds 1 stack of [Frost] to damaged enemies. If the target is affected by [Freeze], remove the effect from them to deal additional damage and increase the cooldown of their skills by 8 seconds. When a [Frozen] target is detected in range, ignore the skill's cooldown and cast it instantly.

At level 5, enemies within the range of the skill, can't receive any buffs for 6 seconds.

Ultimate - The Great Freeze - 68 seconds cooldown - 4 valid hits

Continuously adds 1 stack of [Frost] to all enemies. Nearby targets receive AoE damage and additionally accumulate [Frost]. Frozen targets receive additional damage equal to 30% of their max HP and release [Freeze] on them (bosses excluded).

At level 5, damaged Frozen targets become Skill Sealed for 12 sec.

Here is her full design:

New character - Acolyte

  • Type: Soldier / C.O.

  • Role: Supporter

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

  • Multi-unit (2)

Basic Attack

Fires a sniper rifle, dealing damage to target in front.

Passive - Plague Treatment

Each basic attack heals all allies within range for 2% of their max HP.

At level 5, after being deployed, lose 0.5% HP/s for 30s (Cannot be removed). Every 3s, increase ASPD by 3% (Up to 10 stacks, Cannot be removed).

Passive - Tainted Blood Transfusion

After 2 basic attacks, consume 10% of own HP to fire an enhanced attack. Allies within range recover 10% of their max HP.

At level 5, when using enhanced attack, allied Soldiers/C.O. units above 80% HP gain 15% increased HP for 15s (Up to 2 stacks, Summons excluded).

Passive - Death Sentence - 3 valid hits

Acolyte cannot recover HP. After dying, inflicts knockback on the furthest target and Stun them for 5s. Does not apply to targets exceeding valid hits.

At level 5, when HP falls below 50%, all enemies lose 10% Anti-Soldier/C.O. DMG for 20 sec. (Up to 2 stacks).

Here is his full design:

New rearm - Outlander Rivet

  • Type: Soldier

  • Role: Ranger

  • Deployment cost: 2

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Fires a rifle at a target in front.

Passive - Popcorn Brain

Those who are addicted to thrills look for them everywhere. Gains 50% Debuff Res.

At level 5, HP +25%

At level 10, gains stun and confusion immunity.

At levels 2-9, Rivet gains 80% Anti-CO and Anti-Counter DMG in total.

Special - Unexpected Ambush - 20 seconds cooldown - 2 valid hits

Shoots a pile driver into the ground to inflict shock damage to Ground enemies, and recklessly fires her gun to deal additional damage to one enemy in front.

At level 5, Valid Hit +1

At level 10, the skill gains the Surefire effect.

Passive - Color From Space - 2 valid hits

Every 5 basic attacks, fires a cannonball to inflict AoE damage in front. Counter/C.O. units lose 30% ATK for 5 seconds (excluding bosses).

At level 5, enemies other than Counter and CO lose 15% ATK for 5 seconds.

At level 10, adds one stack of [Frost] to damaged enemies.

Leader - Dirty Work Expert

After being deployed, all allies (including self) gain 20% Counter/C.O. DMG Res for 8 seconds. Enhanced attack condition is reduced to every 2 basic attacks.

At level 5, +4 seconds to the buff duration.

Here is her design:



Monday, 07 November 2022