Upcoming characters + partnership announcement!

12 new characters will be available on the release that were not present in the CBT - check them out!

Partnership announcement

First, I would like to announce that Prydwen will be partnering with TimaeuSS. And as a part of the partnership, TimaeuSS and Prydwen received early access to the test servers of the game, so we could prepare accurate guides and character reviews.

Currently, the website contains information we obtained during CBT and TT, but everything (character list, reviews, ratings, and tier list) will be updated soon so you will have time to prepare for the day of the official release of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE - 4th of November. If you hadn't pre-registered yet, you can do it here.

Also, till the day of the release, we will be posting videos and blogs that will explore various parts of the game. And today's blog will introduce 12 new characters that will be available on release.

12 new characters

Compared to the CBT, 12 new characters were added to the game. Here's the list of the characters and what weapons they use.

Dolla - Sniper Rifle

Folkwang - Assault Rifle

Isabel - Shotgun

Liter - SMG

Maiden - Shotgun

Milk - Sniper Rifle

Novel - SMG

Pepper - Shotgun

Rapunzel - Rocket Launcher

Rupee - Assault Rifle

Vesti - Rocket Launcher

Yulha - Sniper Rifle

TimaeuSS will be live streaming the game today and showing the animations and other stuff - check it out here:


You will have to wait a bit longer for their kits, but at least now all the playable characters have been revealed, so you know what awaits you on the release!

More videos are coming soon, so don't forget to check our blog and TimaeuSS channel often!



Thursday, 27 October 2022