Velanna - review and ratings

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This is a provisional review and we will continue testing Velanna over the next week - the review will be updated when new information is found.

You can check Velanna's skills on her profile.


Velanna is an Undead Warrior who is a hybrid damage dealer - she can deal both upfront and DoT (damage over time) damage. Before her release, a lot of players saw great potential in her and she didn't disappoint.

While her Ultimate hits the whole battlefield (which is already rare among the DPS characters) her Main skill has a pretty wide range and often you're able to hit the backline with it too. Her damage output is really good, even if you don't have any other Bleed characters in your team to trigger the additional damage tied to her Ultimate and Main skills. Without any issues, you can use Velanna as the main carry in your team, but compared to Vivi who can fulfill that role from level 1, Velanna really needs some levels to get going - the sweet spot is around 141, but she really starts to dominate once you unlock the 181 and 201 upgrades that give Stun on her Main and Ultimate.

Despite her pretty high defensive stats and the Lifesteal, she's quite squishy, so you can't play her in the front and expect her to survive. It's better to try to hide her behind or among the tanks in the team, so while she will be hit by some splash damage, there's someone else to tank the enemy team. So keep this in mind while trying to use her.

Also, there aren't many Bleed characters in the game (Jacq, Haru, and Ayame are the only ones), and the moment a support/off-dps is released that can Bleed the whole enemy team with her Main skills, Velanna will become outright broken - this will massively improve her DPS and also she will stun the whole enemy team with her Ultimate.

Example teams

Claire/Jacq + Petra

Velanna + Cath + Jiho

Velanna's damage output is so strong, you often can just run her with tanks and supports. If you need to kill the backline fast, you can switch Claire with Jacq. This is the team I'm using Vel in (currently in chapter 16).

Ratings (provisional)

  • Early game - S

  • Mid game - SS

  • Boss - S


You can check some gameplay and more review in the videos below:



Sunday, 05 February 2023