Viper - review and ratings

As we expected Viper is really underwhelming and you can easily skip her. Check more details inside!


This is an early review for Viper and things may change in the future when new team formations are found, but till now she's not worth your tickets.


  • Manufacturer: Tetra

  • Weapon: Shotgun

  • Element: Water

  • Burst Type: 2

  • Class: Attacker


Let's go over Viper's skills first.

Normal Attack

■ Affects target enemy.

Deals 220.4% ATK as damage.

Viper uses a Clip Shotgun which makes her burst energy generation really good - she's just inferior to Clip Rocket Launchers and Harran.

S1 - Snake Sense

■ Activates when the target appears. Affects all allies.

ATK ▲ 25.98% for 10 sec.

Hit Rate ▲ 11.13% for 10 sec.

This skill looked so good on paper when everyone assumed the 'target' meant any enemy appearing on the screen. Sadly, 'target' refers to the elite enemy that appears close to the end of a story stage or to bosses you fight in Interception.

To make things worse, the buff not only lasts for 10 seconds, so in boss fights it's close to useless as you will use it during the first few seconds when your team's DPS is at the lowest. As for normal stages, it will only activate right at the end where things rarely matter anyway.

S2 - Snake Scale

■ Affects self.

Hit Rate ▲ 3.43%

■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects self.

Vamp: Excludes 1 ally unit from enemies' targets for 10 sec. Loses effect when the caster takes damage.

Invincible for 1 sec.

The first part of the skill gives Viper a minor buff to Hit Rate, but since she is a Shotgun user, it actually helps her in longer ranges. As for the second part, it's another super confusing skill, but here's how it works.

When you enter Full Burst, the Vamp buff will become active on Viper which basically is a reverse taunt - so enemies won't be able to target her for 10 seconds with their single-target skills. Still, this skill has two glaring issues: projectile attacks that are already flying toward Viper will hit her and remove the buff, and also AOE attacks that hit the whole party will also deal damage to her - and also remove the buff.

Honestly, this skill it's quite useless.

Burst Skill - Snake Bite

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

■ Affects designed 1 enemy unit(s).

Deals 462.85% of ATK as damage.

■ Activates when the designated enemy unit(s) include the stage target. Affects the same enemy unit(s).

DEF ▼ 19.83% for 10 seconds.

Viper's Burst is just as underwhelming as her other skills. She basically deals damage to a single enemy and if by a miracle while playing on auto, the random enemy will be the 'target' mentioned in S1, she will also decrease its DEF. If you play on manual you can aim her Burst and make full use of it.

This makes the skill useless in story stages and only usable on bosses, but why would you bother to use Viper there if the only thing she brings is the 10-second ATK buff at the beginning of the battle? We don't know.


Well, as we said earlier, Viper is just underwhelming in PVE.

Her kit is weird and it's really hard to use her because of that - the ATK buff duration is too short and the Vamp buff is just useless. Her only saving grace is that her DPS is decent for a Burst II character - but it's still lower than Rupee (and Rupee also brings way more team utility) - and that her Burst cooldown is only 20 seconds, so you can easily slot her in your team if you lack stronger Burst 2 characters.

As for PVP, since she's a Shotgun user, you can use her in your Shotgun team, but she won't replace any of the current Shotgun meta characters.


The ratings are provisional and we are still testing Jackal in various PVE content trying to find a place where she shines:

  • Story - B

  • Boss (solo) - A

  • Boss (adds) - B

  • PVP - A

Should you pull?

Just no.

Maybe in the future, they will release characters that make use of the target mechanic and the Vamp buff, but currently, she's not good enough to replace the meta Burst 2 characters.


Here's a small bonus for those who like Viper's design:



Thursday, 19 January 2023