Yanqing - character preview

A note was released earlier today that reveals more information about Yanqing!


You can find the original note here.


Yanqing is a 5* Ice character following the Path of the Hunt. After using Skill, Yanqing gains the Empathic Sword Link effect, which reduces the probability of Yanqing being attacked, increases his CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG, and grants his Skill a certain chance of triggering follow-up attacks with Frozen effect.


The spirited lieutenant of the Xianzhou Luofu, and also its most proficient swordsman. He is born for swords and obsessed with them. Whenever a sword rests in his hand, none would dare to underestimate this genius still in the early days of his youth.

Perhaps the only thing capable of dulling his treasured blade's sharp edge is time.


We already added Yanqing's skills to his profile, so you can check them there, but keep in mind that the multipliers weren't revealed in the preview.

Basic Attack - Cold Light, Cold Blade

When releasing Basic Attack, Yanqing attacks an enemy and deals Ice DMG to them.

Skill - Drakestoning Edge

After releasing Skill, Yanqing remotely controls his sword to attack an enemy, dealing Ice DMG to the enemy and activating Empathic Sword Link for 1 turn.

Ultimate - Swallow's Pluvious Pursuit

After using Ultimate, Yanqing's CRIT Rate is increased. If Yanqing is under the Empathic Sword Link effect, Yanqing's CRIT DMG is increased for 1 turn. Then Yanqing travels on his sword and deals Ice DMG to an enemy.

Talent - Edged Companion

When Yanqing is under the Empathic Sword Link effect, reduces the chance of Yanqing being attacked and increases his CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG. After attacking a target enemy, has a chance to trigger follow-up attack, which deals Ice DMG and grants Yanqing a chance to Freeze enemies for 1 turn. At the start of each turn, Frozen enemies receive Ice DoT. The Empathic Sword Link effect disappears when Yanqing is hit.

Technique - Master Fencer

After using his Technique and entering battle, Yanqing deals more DMG to enemies whose current HP is higher than a specific percentage of Yanqing's Max HP.

Also, if you want to check his animations, you can find them in the official notice.

First impressions

Yanqing has the ability to increase his CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG which means that he will work with lower-quality gear initially as the skills will make up for the lower stats. Still, same as with other DPS characters we need to see the numbers on the skills to know his potential.



Thursday, 09 February 2023