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Awakened Hilde


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Personal information
Character ID
Full Name
Awakened Hilde
Alt names
Faction / Title
Type: Siegfried
Combat information
Deployment Cost
Movement Type
Attack Type
KR, SEA, Global
KR Release Date
July 10th, 2020
GLB Release Date
May 26th, 2022
SEA Release Date
June 10th, 2021
Crowd Control


Basic Attack
Basic2 valid hits

Swings her sword along with Fafnir and Regin, inflicting AoE damage.

At level 2: Basic Attack DMG +5%

At level 3: Basic Attack DMG +5%

At level 4: Basic Attack DMG +5%

At level 5: Basic Attack DMG +5%

Fafnir's Descent
Passive2 valid hits

When deployed, instantly knocks targets in an 8-m range backward in the direction she's facing. Charges at a target at least 3 meters away from her, inflicting AoE damage upon collision and forcing it to attack her for 3 seconds. Decreases Special skill cooldown by 3 seconds when cast.

At level 2: HP +5%

At level 3: HP +5%

At level 4: HP +10%

At level 5: An noncancelable barrier by 8% of Max HP around all allies for 8 s upon deployment Special skill cooldown -5 s instead

Regin's Wrath
Special3 valid hits 28 seconds

Leaps backward into the air and crashes onto the ground, inflicting AoE damage. Afterwards, creates a noncancelable barrier by 25% of Max HP and becomes immune to all kinds of Hitstun for this barrier's duration.

At level 2: DMG +5%

At level 3: DMG +5%

At level 4: DMG +15%

At level 5: Role DISADV RES +100% for barrier duration

Buster Overdrive
Ultimate3 valid hits 48 seconds

Charges forward and inflicts AoE damage on contact with the first enemy in her path. Decreases DMG Taken by 30% and immune to all non-Permanent debuffs for 10 seconds afterward.

At level 2: DMG +5%

At level 3: DMG +5%

At level 4: DMG +15%

At level 5: Casts Special skill ignoring its cooldown during the buff.

Buster Core
Fafnir's DescentAlternium Reactor
While Hilde exists on the battlefield, ally units are granted one barrier, each worth 8% of Max HP, that cannot be canceled.



Awakened Hilde is a wall. The strongest, sturdiest, and most annoying wall in the game. Sadly, her biggest problem is that she's nothing else besides being a wall. While other Defenders help the team in other ways besides staying alive and keeping the backline safe, Awakened Hilde is too selfish to care about them and keeps charging forward - sometimes even to her utter demise from outspacing her own healers.

She is by no means a bad employee. Whenever you encounter a PVE stage where your units die too fast, just drop A. Hilde first and she will carry you due to her 5% MDL, barriers, and her crazy high HP/DEF stats. The problem is, a wall is not just what new players need. Sure, while she will do the job and stay alive, other Awakened employees can not only do the same, but they can also deal damage simultaneously.

It's worth noting, though, that recently her PVE stock rose - she's commonly used in Dive 48-50 teams, even auto for some players. There are very few tanks that can achieve this and Hilde makes it the easiest among them.

In PVP, she also works great in lower elo ranks as most players there simply do not have the means to stop her. The same applies for new servers - no one has any gear and there are not many units that can even hope to chip her. Later on though, while she becomes less viable, she still remains usable.

Pros & Cons

- the best wall in the game, great in any PVE mode besides Raids,

- will tank for you for days,

- her charge allows her to reach the squishier backline.


- she is nothing else besides being a wall, and for 6 cost you expect an Awakened Employee to do a bit more.

Gear Recommendation
PVE gear

Set: Full Tank or CDR Tank

PVP gear

Set: CDR Tank

The gear recommendations have been simplified and you should use them in combination with this guide (for PVP) and this guide (for PVE).


Opal of Rough Melody
Opal of Rough Melody


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