Awakened Na Yubin

Awakened Na Yubin


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Personal information
Character ID
Full Name
Awakened Na Yubin
Alt names
Faction / Title
Six Wings
Combat information
Deployment Cost
Movement Type
Attack Type
KR, SEA, Global
KR Release Date
November 26th, 2020
GLB Release Date
August 18th, 2022
SEA Release Date
September 1st, 2021


Basic Attack
Basic2 valid hits

Inflicts AoE damage on enemies in front with impure energy.

At level 2: Basic Attack DMG +5%

At level 3: Basic Attack DMG +5%

At level 4: Basic Attack DMG +5%

At level 5: Basic Attack DMG +5%

Deteriorating World
Passive3 valid hits

When deployed, induces Reflux of all enemy barriers, canceling them and inflicting as much damage as their durability. Afterwards, decreases HP by 2% every second for enemy Towers on the field (4% in Gauntlet). Also, launches an AoE attack for every 12th incoming damage which induces Barrier Reflux. These effects are not applied to Bosses or ships.

At level 2: EVA +5%

At level 3: EVA +5%

At level 4: EVA +10%

At level 5: All enemy units' Skill Haste -30% added to debuff

Void Ray
Special2 valid hits 22 seconds

Vibrates the void, inflicting AoE damage on enemies in front. The damaged targets lose 15% of ASPD for 8 seconds.

At level 2: DMG +5%

At level 3: DMG +5%

At level 4: DMG +15%

At level 5: Special skill cooldown -3 s for every enhanced attack launched

Wings of Destruction
Ultimate3 valid hits 48 seconds

Discharges the power of wings through his pulse blaster, inflicting AoE damage on enemies in front. The damaged targets lose 15% of ATK for 15 seconds.

At level 2: DMG +5%

At level 3: DMG +5%

At level 4: DMG +15%

At level 5: The debuff becomes permanent




Awakened Na Yubin is an evasion-based tank that constantly pushes forward and tries to murder the backline, not giving his enemies any break, and if they try to use barriers as a form of protection, he will turn their power against them, unless the barrier happens to be non-cancellable.

Overall he has the highest evasion among all Defenders and it takes quite a while to kill him, but only if he's geared and has healers behind him. He requires a perfect tank set to shine - if you use him with sub-par gear, even SSR defenders will do a better job.

For a large amount of time, he was considered a pure PVP employee because his kit revolves around pushing forward, refluxing enemy shields, and countering Towers. While he lost the King of PVP status, he still remains a viable pick to counter camping teams which use Towers. He isn't exactly the best against some other teams, though. Also, since he moves so far into the enemy's backline, most healers don't even reach him; only Evelyn does consistently.

As for PVE, some of the Challenges and event stages make use of his unique kit, though he is far from a must-have. Also, he is commonly used as a support unit in Dive 50 as a decent Defender. He's still worse than most SSR defenders in early game PVE content, and is just a niche pick for a few stages in endgame.

Pros & Cons

- best evasion among Defenders,

- counters Shielders like Yang Harim,

- constantly pushes forward and tries to get to the enemy backline,

- his passive counters all Towers.


- not that useful in PVE,

- requires perfect gear to work in PVP.

Gear Recommendation
PVE gear

Set: Full Tank

PVP gear

Set: Full Tank

Best user of melee res Gordias pieces in the entire game.

The gear recommendations have been simplified and you should use them in combination with this guide (for PVP) and this guide (for PVE).


I can't believe it's the Antagonist
I can't believe it's the Antagonist


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