Hidden Challenger Chulsoo

Challenger Chulsoo






Personal information
Character ID
Full Name
Hidden Challenger Chulsoo
Alt names
Faction / Title
Yeoksam Residents' Association
Combat information
Deployment Cost
Movement Type
Attack Type
KR Release Date
November 29th, 2022
Crowd Control
True Damage
Basic Attack
Basic1 valid hits

Performs a series of attack moves that anyone can follow, inflicting damage on a target in front. The last attack deals AoE damage and Taunts the damaged targets. In [Rage Mode], the last attack deals 50% increased damage.

At level 2: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 3: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 4: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 5: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 6: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 7: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 8: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 9: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 10: Basic Attack DMG +5%

Burden of the Breadwinner

Kim Chulsoo is reminded of his beloved family and gains an indomitable will. Gains 1% DMG RDC every time he uses the Basic Attack. When [Burden of the Breadwinner] reaches 20 stacks, all stacks consumed and Chulsoo deals AoE damage around him, gains 20% DMG RDC, and enters [Rage Mode]. Becomes immune to hitstun from Special or lower skills, and all of his skills are enhanced during [Rage Mode]. Gaining 20 stacks during [Rage Mode] will grant Kim Chulsoo an additional 30% ATK and DMG RDC (Cannot be canceled).

At level 2: HP +3%

At level 3: HP +3%

At level 4: HP +6%

At level 5: Debuff Res +50%

At level 6: HP +3%

At level 7: HP +3%

At level 8: HP +3%

At level 9: HP +9%

At level 10: Resets special skill CD after receiving 28 attacks in [Rage Mode].

Roman Jump Kick Combo
Special3 valid hits 22 seconds

Using a combo that newcomers cannot easily follow, inflicts damage with kicks and gains 3 stacks of [Burden of the Breadwinner]. In [Rage Mode], uses his powers to launch enemies into the air and unleash additional kick combos.

At level 2: DMG +3%

At level 3: DMG +3%

At level 4: DMG +9%

At level 5: Gains 2 more stacks of [Burden of the Breadwinner].

At level 6: DMG +3%

At level 7: DMG +3%

At level 8: DMG +3%

At level 9: DMG +6%

At level 10: Gains 20% DMG RDC for 8s after casting skill.

Chronic Fatigue
Ultimate2 valid hits 50 seconds

Gathering fatigue and stress from social life, deals AoE damage in front that always CRITS and inflicts knockback. During [Rage Mode], unleash additional combos and generates a shockwave that inflicts strong knockback to enemies further than 3m away. Does not deal damage to targets exceeding the valid hit count, the shockwave deals no damage but has the sure fire effect.

At level 2: DMG +3%

At level 3: DMG +3%

At level 4: DMG +9%

At level 5: Fist attacks during [Rage Mode] deal True Damage.

At level 6: DMG +3%

At level 7: DMG +3%

At level 8: DMG +3%

At level 9: DMG +6%

At level 10: Gains 30% Anti-C.O./Replacer DMG, DMG RDC for 15s after casting.

Hidden Challenger

Kim Chulsoo enters battles, embracing the memories of his family in his heart. Gains 30% DMG RDC for 8s and 10 stacks of [Burden of the Breadwinner] after being deployed.

At level 2: DMG +5%

At level 3: Buff duration +2s

At level 4: DMG +5%

At level 5: Buff duration +2s




Rearmed Chulsoo has a pretty interesting kit with the Rage mechanic, but his issue is that due to him being SR rarity he lacks MDL and valid hit absorption. This means that in PVP while he can survive, units near him might take full damage from AoE attacks. His 50% Debuff RES can be pretty useful against healing block/reflux since he can reduce both the duration and the block/reflux amount, while also reducing HP burn debuffs, and his ultimate knockback during rage mode can push all the enemies back to their ship.

Pros & Cons

- tanky, thanks to his high stats and DMG RDC,

- pretty decent damage for a Defender.

- Strong knockback with Sure Fire on Ultimate.

- Debuff RES allows him to deal with healing block/reflux


- lack of MDL and Valid Hit Absorption.

Gear Recommendation
PVE gear

Set: HP + HP

PVP gear

Set: HP + HP

Inhibitor+Maze+2xGordius. Ground DMG Res + Melee/Ranged DMG Res substats. CDMG RES is also important due to no MDL.