Maestra Nequitia

Maestra Nequitia

Corrupted Object

PVE (Early)


PVE (Late)




Personal information
Character ID
Full Name
Maestra Nequitia
Alt names
Faction / Title
Elysium Philharmonic
Combat information
Deployment Cost
Movement Type
Attack Type
KR, SEA, Global
KR Release Date
April 19th, 2022
GLB Release Date
March 8th, 2023
SEA Release Date
October 5th, 2022
Crowd Control
Requiem for the Dead

After being deployed at the ship, slowly start advancing toward the center of the battlefield while ignoring enemies. Enemies on the battlefield will gain a stack of a [Requiem of the Dead] every 8 seconds, decreasing their HP by 0.1% per second(Boss excluded, 0.4% in gauntlet). The effect can stack 10 times.

At level 2: SPD +15%

At level 3: SPD +15%

At level 4: SPD +30%

At level 5: Enemies gain a stack of the debuff every 6 seconds instead.


After travelling certain distances, summon an additional Rose Musician (up to 3). Each Musician adds -1.5% ATK, +1.5% DMG Taken, and -5% Healing effectiveness respectively to the [Requiem of the Dead]. The four debuffs stack separately from each other. These effects are also applied to bosses.

At level 2: DMG RES +2%

At level 3: DMG RES +2%

At level 4: DMG RES +4%

At level 5: Become Immortal for 5 seconds when her HP falls below 50%.

Elysium Philharmonic

Can't be affected by sleep, stun, knockback, confusion, hit-stun, attack speed reduction debuffs, and healing received is reduced by 50%. Ally Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 5% ATK and 10% CRIT, and their skills generate an additional note - this effect doesn't apply to Maestro.

At level 2: Ally Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 5% ATK and 10% CRIT.

At level 3: Ally Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 5% ATK and 10% CRIT.

At level 4: Ally Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 10% ATK and 20% CRIT.

At level 5: Ally Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 25% Skill Haste.

Chapter of Apocalypse
Ultimate 20 seconds

Can only be cast in the center of the battlefield. When casting, rapidly adds 5 stacks of [Requiem of the Dead] on the field and amplifies the effect of the requiem by 1.4 times. After casting, teleports to the ally ship then become immortal but stop casting [Requiem of the Dead] for 25 seconds. When the immortalily state is removed, releases all [Requiem of the Dead] stacks.

At level 2: Requiem for the Dead debuffs are 1.8 times stronger

At level 3: Requiem for the Dead debuffs are 2.2 times stronger

At level 4: Requiem for the Dead debuffs are 2.6 times stronger

At level 5: Requiem for the Dead debuffs are 3 times stronger. Also, seals the skills of all enemies and prevents them from receiveing any buffs for 12 seconds after casting the skill.




Maestro Nequitia is the first (and only, as of right now) awakened tower that lacks conventional basic attacks and actually moves instead of standing in place.

From a gameplay perspective, she slowly moves forward from your ship and applies increasingly severe debuffs the longer she stays on field. At max stacks enemies, lose 15% attack, 1% hp per second, take 15% more damage and heal 50% less. Her ultimate (which she can use as soon as she reaches middle of the field) triples those already absurd debuffs and skill seals every affected enemy, making all currently deployed enemies irrelevant. Additionally she buffs your Philarmonic units (currently consists of Shena, Carmen and Luna) skill haste and (largely irrelevant) damage.

This inherently slow gameplay makes her hard to fit for most PvE teams, but notably she has the strongest damage taken debuff in the entire game (45% during ultimate), which makes her a good fit for raid teams to burst harder when everything is on field. She can also be used in Jungle Dimension Trimming stage 2 for her massive 150% heal reduction on her ult.

In PvP, with proper gear, she only takes around 30 seconds to reach the middle, where her ability to wipe the entire enemy team as soon as that happens makes her a menace in a properly built Philarmonic stall team. But beware there are a lot of counters for her in PVP. Olivie, Evolved-One, Awakened Joo Shiyoon can render all of her debuffs useless with debuff immunity. Na Yubin severely weakens her chance of surviving to the middle. Also, Serina Crew can delete her immortality buff, effectively ending her ult stance causing her to CLEAR all stacks on the field after ult.

Pros & Cons

- Massive damage amplification during ultimate,

- Nearly unstoppable when paired with units from the faction and stall units like Gremory and Raphaela,

- Map-wide skill seal.


- The debuffs can be avoided by redeploying,

- Highest base cost in the game.

Gear Recommendation
PVE gear

Set: HP Set Speed Gear

There exists a Jungle Relic Speed Set Maestra build. It lacks Inhibitor Hands Res, but maybe if you godroll all speed latents...?

PVP gear

Set: HP Set Speed Gear

Running 2PC incoming healing jungle relic set is enough to offset Awakened Na Yubin tower burn (especially if you also have Tower Incoming Healing ship latents).

The gear recommendations have been simplified and you should use them in combination with this guide (for PVP) and this guide (for PVE).