Sleeping Girl Edith

Sleeping Girl Edith


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Personal information
Character ID
Full Name
Sleeping Girl Edith
Alt names
Faction / Title
Academy Student Council
Combat information
Deployment Cost
Movement Type
Attack Type
KR, SEA, Global
KR Release Date
May 30th, 2023
GLB Release Date
October 25th, 2023
SEA Release Date
August 22nd, 2023
Basic Attack
Basic1 valid hits

Fires both machine guns at a single target in front.

At level 2: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 3: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 4: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 5: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 6: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 7: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 8: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 9: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 10: Basic Attack DMG +5%

It’s recharging…
Passive2 valid hits

Deploys onto the field in the skill sealed and stun immune state. When her HP drops to 80% or below, she inflicts AoE damage as she rises into the air, unlocking her skills and movement, and cancels her stun immunity. Permanently decreases her HP by 1% per second in all modes.

At level 2: HP +3%

At level 3: HP +3%

At level 4: HP +6%

At level 5: Gain barrier equal to 30% of Max HP upon transformation. When her HP falls below 50%, stop losing HP from the passive.

At level 6: HP +3%

At level 7: HP +3%

At level 8: HP +3%

At level 9: HP +9%

At level 10: After every 5 basic attacks, casts an enhanced attack the deals AoE damage to the target and reduces DEF for all damaged targets by 15% for 12s.

Get the coordinates! Quick!
Special2 valid hits 24 seconds

Throws a penguin assistant at the attack target. The penguin marks the location of the descent and launches a bombardment attack at the area.

At level 2: DMG +3%

At level 3: DMG +3%

At level 4: DMG +9%

At level 5: The explosion leaves a field that periodically deals AoE damage to ground units for 5s.

At level 6: DMG +3%

At level 7: DMG +3%

At level 8: DMG +3%

At level 9: DMG +6%

At level 10: Extends the duration of the field to 8s. The field additionally grants +15% DMG Taken AMP debuff to damaged targets for 2s.

Don’t calculate, Full power!
Ultimate3 valid hits 60 seconds

Signals a satellite and fires a massive laser beam from the sky, inflicting AoE damage on and around a target. First transformations fill this skill’s cooldown by 70%.

At level 2: DMG +3%

At level 3: DMG +3%

At level 4: DMG +6%

At level 5: Laser beam duration +100%

At level 6: DMG +3%

At level 7: DMG +3%

At level 8: DMG +3%

At level 9: DMG +6%

At level 10: CD -10s

Newly Renovated

When receiving damage in the air mode, the attacker loses 15% ATK for 5s. Additionally, inflicts Buff Nullification on Replacer units for 5s. Debuff duration does not refresh. (Uncancelable, bosses excluded)

At level 2: HP +5%

At level 3: HP +5%

At level 4: HP +10%

At level 5: Cancels Passive HP loss after transformation.




Edith's rearmament doesn't offer much upgrade from her base kit where she was already considered extremely weak.

The upgrade mainly unlocks her movement and enables her as a hard counter to Replacer King as she can inflict unremovable buff nullification on him. This does come at a cost of having to set her as a Leader which is undesirable when other really strong Rearmed Defenders exists. The leader effect also only works well against Replacer King comps.

She can be used in PVE to deal DMG along with the 15% DEF Shred.

Pros & Cons

- Hard counter to Replacer King

- 2nd Moving Tower in the game

- DEF Shred

- :camping:


- Needs to be set as Leader to counter a specific comp

Gear Recommendation
PVE gear

Set: Attack Speed

Ground DMG / Crit DMG. Attack speed for consistent Shred uptime

PVP gear

Set: Cooldown Reduction / Attack Speed / HP

The gear recommendations have been simplified and you should use them in combination with this guide (for PVP) and this guide (for PVE).


Drifting in Dreams
Drifting in Dreams