Triana Titan

Triana Titan






Personal information
Character ID
Full Name
Triana Titan
Alt names
Faction / Title
The Triana Project
Combat information
Deployment Cost
Movement Type
Attack Type
KR Release Date
August 9th, 2022
SEA Release Date
December 28th, 2022


Basic Attack
Basic3 valid hits

Periodically inflicts damage on and around the target in front. The attack stops after 10 seconds, or if the target dies or moves 10 meters away from the caster.

At level 2: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 3: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 4: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 5: Basic Attack DMG +3%

At level 6: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 7: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 8: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 9: Basic Attack DMG +2%

At level 10: Basic Attack DMG +5%

Orichalcum Super Heavy Armor

Becomes immune to Hitstun from Ultimate or lower skills and permanently increases DMG RDC by 2% every time a unit on the field dies. (Up to 20%) Deployment Resources +1 upon deployment.

At level 2: HP +3%

At level 3: HP +3%

At level 4: HP +6%

At level 5: Additionally stacks DMG RDC in proportion to number of all units upon deployment

At level 6: HP +3%

At level 7: HP +3%

At level 8: HP +3%

At level 9: HP +9%

At level 10: DMG TLRNC +2%

Rogue Wave
Special3 valid hits 30 seconds

Fires missiles, inflicting AoE damage on and around the target. Decreases incoming Healing by 25% for 5 seconds to damaged targets.

At level 2: DMG +3%

At level 3: DMG +3%

At level 4: DMG +9%

At level 5: Cooldown -5 s

At level 6: DMG +3%

At level 7: DMG +3%

At level 8: DMG +3%

At level 9: DMG +6%

At level 10: After every 3rd Skill, including Basic attacks, fires a mortar that inflicts AoE damage 4 times

Hard Kill Active Protection System
Passive3 valid hits

If enemy is up close, inflicts high damage to an enemy and engages a pile bunker that does additional AoE damage and knockback. Afterward, grants a 35% DEF increase buff for 15 seconds to self. Cannot be used while maintaining the buff.

At level 2: ASPD +3%

At level 3: ASPD +3%

At level 4: ASPD +6%

At level 5: Changes to Sure Fire

At level 6: ASPD +3%

At level 7: ASPD +3%

At level 8: ASPD +3%

At level 9: ASPD +9%

At level 10: Decreases DEF by 35% for 15 seconds to the single target

Wall of Iron

Deployment Resources +1 upon Titan deployment

At level 2: DEF +5%

At level 3: DEF +5%

At level 4: DEF +5%

At level 5: Immediately recovers 40% of max HP 1 time if HP falls below 1%




Rearm Titan was one of the most awaited rearms and it did not disappoint. He is as strong as Evolved One is currently in PVP - some even think he is better than her because he doesn't need to eat other Mechs to reach his full potential and can be healed. Also, don't be fooled by the 6 cost - his fully leveled passives decrease it to 5, and on top of that, if you Leader him, it will go down to 3. Yes. Only 3. That's ridiculous.

Trina Titan's kit has been fully reworked compared to his base version. The base Titan's passives have been combined into one (and slightly nerfed) and he gained a new one instead. A Passive that is so strong, it can one-shot a lot of non-MDL characters. Thankfully, it only can be used when someone is stupid enough to attack Trina Titan head-on and enter his personal space. If they won't die from the hit, they will be knocked back basically to their ship.

Also, his Exclusive Equipment that previously was barely used now is BIS for him - especially if you want to play Trina Titan as a DPS. Similar to Kim Sobin, the EE gives 30% ASPD which combined with another 30% that Titan gained on his new passives allows him to stack either Ground Res (if you want to play him as a tank) or Ground/Anti-Striker/Anti-Defender DMG (if you want to turn him into murdermecha).

From day 1 of his release, he became a meta unit in PVP that can only be countered by Awakened Jake and Rita as their debuffs really hurt Trina Titan, making him easier to kill and decreasing his damage output. Still, even if you pair them together it will take some time to kill Titan as his Leader passive gives him a Cheat Death mechanic.

As for PVE - Trina Titan deals quite good damage and also has DEF shred on tied to his passive which allows him to perform really well in various PVE modes.






Guild Coop


Shadow Palace


Danger Close


Dive 45-50


Relic Dungeons



Pros & Cons

- super hard to kill,

- deals great damage,

- DEF shred,

- Cheat Death,

- his EE perfectly matches his kit.


- needs to be set as a Leader to decrease his cost and gain Cheat Death,

- countered by mech-haters like Awakened Jake and Rita.

Gear Recommendation
PVE gear

Set: HP+HP / ATK + Spectral Bullet

PVP gear

Set: HP+HP / ATK + Spectral Bullet

For tank build: Hummingbird Weapon, Maze Armor, Gordias Acc + EE Acc - focus on Ground Res stats. For DPS build: Maze set + his EE - focus on Ground/Anti-Striker/Anti-Defender DMG. For DPS build always use his EE as it's perfect for him because it gives ASPD - for tank build it's optional.