Moderator Type A

Moderator Type A

Moderator Type A



A massive weapon of unknown origin from outside our dimension. It specializes in pulverizing approaching enemies, and is also capable of unsupported dimension jumps thanks to an engine system similar to a dimensional ship's.It may have been originally programmed to travel to and from the Counterside hunting C.O.s, but by the time it was discovered, it was out of control, having been damaged beyond repair by Corruption Rays.

※ The Moderator receives additional damage when attacked in the rear, where it is vulnerable


Moderator Type A Normal80570 32346161288627648432
Moderator Type A Hard100901 14172461868816938624
Moderator Type A Nightmare1302 070 29411 9612999112415001000

Pre-rework kill videos

From SEA server

Post-rework kill videos

Kill videos

From Global server

Mechanics guide

Phase 1 (in the right corner):

  • During this phase, if the boss’ HP drops below 33%, it will immediately remove all debuffs before firing a strong laser and move onto the next phase.
  • The moderator requires a melee target to attack. If there are no units in front, an 8s timer is initiated, if the boss is not distracted before the timer ends, it fires a powerful laser before moving on to the next phase.
  • On special skill, the boss immediately removes all debuffs, then scans for enemy ground units. If there are more than 3 units in a certain area, 2 landmines are placed at the furthest unit within the area, otherwise, 2 bombs are placed in front of the ship.
  • The landmines detonate upon contact, dealing damage and creating a fog that continuously debuffs units’ HIT inside the fog.
  • At 2:18, before moving on to the next phase, the boss initiates a dps check represented with 2 circular progress bars on the boss. Failing the dps check leads to the boss firing a strong laser. Upon finishing the dps check, the boss will walk to the middle.
  • Upon finishing the dps check, the boss is shortly stunned, before moving to the next phase.

Phase 1.5 (walking):

  • The boss starts walking to the middle.
  • During this phase, the boss will neither do a proximity check nor use its skills.
  • If the boss’ HP drops below 33%, it will not fire a laser until it has finished walking.

Phase 2 (in the middle):

  • During the phase, the boss will do a proximity check (same as in phase 1), and if the boss’ HP drops below ⅓, it will immediately remove all debuffs before firing a strong laser and moving on to the next phase.
  • At 1:53, the boss uses its ult, rapidly firing a missile barrage on the field, knocking units forwards and dealing high damage.
  • At 1:33, the boss starts a second DPS check, with the same properties as the first one.

Phase 2.5 (walking):

  • The boss starts walking from the middle to your ship. Similar to phase 1.5, the boss will neither do a proximity check nor use its skills.

Phase 3 (under siege):

  • If the Boss hasn't fired a beam yet, it will first fire beam at your ship.
  • Afterwards, it will do a dps check. Clearing this dps check will stun the boss temporarily.
  • The boss will then directly attack your ship until either itself or the ship dies, whichever comes first.

Tips and tricks

  • Due to how the game range mechanic works, some longer range strikers like Lin Xien can take ranged dmg,
  • The boss has very high DEF, so stacking Defense shred up to 100% for bursting is recommended - either after the first dps check (2:18), or the second one (1:33).
  • Following units can temporarily deal with the proximity check:
Shin Jia
Kyle Wong
  • By delaying some deployment at the start, you will be able to avoid the first set of bombs.
  • By leaving the boss on proximity check at 2:26, the boss will not use its skills during it, thus avoiding the fog, and the DPS check at 2:18 will cancel the proximity check.
  • Saving your ultimates, ship skills for the DPS check can be helpful in clearing it, or bursting down the boss afterwards.
  • At 1:55 - When the boss uses ultimate, you can use your own ultimates to iframe the knockback and damage.
  • To be able to evade the boss’ attacks, the unit’s evasion has to be above 801, to gain sure fire against the boss, the unit’s HIT needs to be above 1,875; 938 with 50% evasion shred.

Recommended units


Defense shredding is basically required for a good clear. Razangriff can be used as a poor man’s New Detroit.

Utility tanks

Depending on the comp, 1 of these may be sufficient to be used as a main tank with endgame gears and not too much debuffs. Lin Xien can act as a battery and main tank but requires specialized endgame gears and comp.

Nanahara Chifuyu
Roy Burnett
Lin Xien
Pure tanks

Recommended for easier clears, for those who do not have end game tank gears yet.

Lee Yumi
Awakened Hilde
Damage dealers
Kim Sobin
Administration Rifleman
Rosaria le Friede
Defense shredders

Tarrasque is a hybrid damage dealer and defense shredder, Seo Yoon is an amazing buffer for bursting and Lucretia’s passive can also be used in specific cheese comps.

Seo Yoon
Roy Burnett
Nanahara Chifuyu

They significantly increases the damage output of the team.

Shin Jia
Awakened Shin Jia
Seo Yoon
Sky Layfield
Yang Harim