Moderator Type B

Moderator Type B

Moderator Type B



A massive weapon of unknown origin from outside our dimension. It specializes in subduing distant enemies, and is also capable of unsupported dimension jumps thanks to an engine system similar to a dimensional ship's.It may have been originally programmed to travel to and from the Counterside hunting C.O.s, but by the time it was discovered, it was out of control, having been damaged beyond repair by Corruption Rays.

※ The Moderator receives additional damage when attacked in the rear, where it is vulnerable.


Moderator Type B Normal80525 7833217798758648832
Moderator Type B Hard100830 831527911569709381203
Moderator Type B Nightmare1301 867 26312 5481857155815003000

Pre-rework kill videos

From SEA server

Mechanics guide

For all phases, except walking:

  • If the boss’ HP drops below 33%, it will immediately remove all debuffs before firing a powerful laser, then moving on to the next phase.
  • The boss requires a unit within sniper range to attack. When there are no units in front, an 8s timer is initiated. If the boss is not distracted, it will remove all debuffs before firing a powerful laser, then moving on to the next phase.
  • The moderator’s basic attack fires long range lasers, dealing single target damage, then sometimes alternates between melee attacks, dealing AoE damage in front and reducing the unit's DEF by 20% per hit.
  • On special skill, the boss immediately removes all debuffs before scanning for ground units. If there are 3 or more units within a certain area, 2 landmines are placed at the furthest unit within the area.
  • The landmines detonate upon contact, dealing damage and creating a poison cloud that continuously reduces all units’ max HP.

Phase 1 (in the corner):

  • Boss will stay at the end of the map, dealing damage to targets at ranged and using special skill.
  • At 2:18, the boss initiates a DPS check. Failing the dps check leads to the boss firing a powerful laser. If it is cleared instead, the boss is shortly stunned, then moves onto the next phase.

Phase 1.5 (walking):

  • The boss walks to the middle of the map.
  • During this phase, the boss will neither do a proximity check, nor use its skills.
  • If the boss’ HP drops below 33%, it will not fire a laser until it has finished walking.

Phase 2 (in the middle):

  • At 1:53, the boss uses its ultimate, firing a missile barrage onto the field, dealing damage and knocking units forward.
  • At 1:33, the boss starts its 2nd DPS check, clearing it will temporarily stun the boss.
  • Regardless of results, the boss fires a strong laser before entering the last phase.

Phase 3 (enraged):

  • The boss will constantly initiate dps checks; clearing them will temporarily stun the boss.
  • The boss rapidly fires lasers on the furthest unit from it, dealing single target damage.

Tips and tricks

  • The boss has a very high EVA (3000 - ~80% evasion rate), and reducing it by 50% only lowers the evasion chance to 65%, therefore bringing 100% evasion shred is recommended, but not anything in between.
  • The boss has moderate DEF (1800), but some defense shred is always good to have.
  • Saving your ultimates, ship skills for the DPS check can be helpful in clearing it, or for bursting down the boss afterwards.
  • Unlike in Moderator Type A, there is mostly no reason to delay for the second dps check to break the 33% hp threshold because the boss will still fire the laser anyway.
  • Also unlike the other Moderator, using ultimates to iframe the boss’ ultimate isn’t as commonplace.
  • For dealing with the enraged phase, you can place units inside the boss(slightly to the back to gain backstab damage), while having your tank away from the group in front since it attacks the furthest unit.
  • To be able to evade the boss’ attacks, the units’ EVA needs to be above 801, to gain sure fire against the boss, the units’ HIT needs to be above 5625; 2813 with 50% evasion shred.

Recommended units


With limited unit pool, using New Detroit is recommended.

Pure tanks

Using Administrator Sword Fighter to tank is highly recommended, but for those without soldier gears, Twins or other Defenders can do the same job but worse.

Administration Sword Fighter
Eins & Zwei
Lee Yumi
Awakened Hilde
Evasion shredders
Defense shredders

Tarrasque and Terminator are hybrid damage dealers and defense shredders, Seo Yoon is an amazing buffer for bursting. Try to aim for 90-100% defense shred to maximize damage when bursting.

Seo Yoon
Roy Burnett
Nanahara Chifuyu
Damage dealers
Kim Sobin
Jane Doe
Awakened Yoo Mina

They significantly increases the damage output of the team.

Awakened Shin Jia
Sky Layfield
Yang Harim
Evelyn Keller

Moderator's B damage is a bit too much to handle depending on the debuffs, so having one healer in your team sometimes helps.

Awakened Shin Jia
Evelyn Keller
Yang Harim

Video guides

From SEA server

The guides aren't updated for the Global server where we have post-rework Danger Close. Use them more to see how the fight looks like and get a feeling of the mechanics.