Danger Close Nervier




A Shadow in the hyperdepths of the Counterside. She hates every living thing and revels in hunting down those that run from her. A creature of the warped world, she's not bound by time or space, and is always threatening the Normalside beyond the walls.

※ Nervier and Monolith specialize in fighting Ground units.


Nervier Normal80471 8087264747713884415
Nervier Hard100766 8981139610817911277602
Nervier Nightmare1301 493 86219 850173588020451203

Pre-rework kill videos

From SEA server

Mechanics guide

Nervier will summon Needlers (Defender), Totems (Supporter), and Headhunters (Sniper) at certain intervals.

  • As long as the Totem is in the field, all ground units will be inflicted with blind,
  • When the Headhunter is summoned, it will inflict a strong knockback to nearby units,
    • Hitstun immunity and evasion can prevent this knockback,
  • The Headhunter fires a single target shot, canceling barriers and additionally inflicting true damage equal to 40% of the target’s max HP.
  • When Nervier’s HP drops below 70%, after a few seconds, Nervier uses a super level knockback - pushing all ground units back to the ship,
    • Ultimate hitstun immunity cannot prevent this knockback, but evasion and i-framing through ultimates can.
  • Nervier’s Special skill and Ultimate deals AoE damage in front, so use healers to keep your frontline alive.

Tips and tricks

  • Nerviers summons a lot of annoying mobs. Use AoE damage dealers to deal with them,
  • Air damage dealers are preferred for this fight, as they will not get hit by blind, or the HP threshold knockback,
  • Be sure to time special skills and ultimate skills to cc, or take down the Headhunter,
  • Be careful when bringing shorter range units like Admin Rifleman, they will get hit by the ultimate,
  • To be able to evade against the boss, the unit’s EVA needs to be above 1091,
  • To gain Sure Fire against the boss, the unit’s HIT needs to be above 2256; 1128 with 50% evasion shred.

Recommended units

Damage dealers
Xiao Lin
Kestrel Xiao Lin
Nest Keeper Xiao Lin
Rosaria le Friede
Awakened Horizon
Abyssal Ravage Orca

Evasion-based tanks are preferred as they can evade Headhunter knockback.

Roy Burnett
Administration Sword Fighter
Eins & Zwei
Abyssal Ravage Orca
Buffers and healers
Shin Jia
Awakened Shin Jia
Sky Layfield
Yang Harim