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Danger Close Orochi

Yamata no Orochi



A solitary being inhabiting the depths of Counterside, also known as Deathland. Once a goddess who brought prosperity to humans, she became a monster who despises humans after losing her beloved one at the hands of those seeking immortality. In place of her eight severed heads, she uses the body of the soulless priestess as a vessel to gather her strength and return to reality.

※ You must protect the orb from Orochi, who hinders allies' recovery ability.


Yamata no Orochi Normal80482 8259 9011 7811 2412 108790
Yamata no Orochi Hard100737 71215 0192 4861 7292 9331 101
Yamata no Orochi Nightmare1301 152 46623 2953 6502 5294 2911 608


Work in progress.