A noble being that has numerous sisters on the Counterside. Neither a Corrupted Object nor a Shadow, she's been freed from the eternal tether of fate and become one with the warped world, attaining immortality along the way. She's smarter than any human and stronger than any Shadow, but her arrogance may be her undoing.

※ Defeat Sollicitatio before she reaches your ship. You can use Tower units to temporarily distract her


Sollicitatio Normal80516 015675715037804320
Sollicitatio Hard100815 41310 60221799956240
Sollicitatio Nightmare1302 167 36121 0063500135510000

Pre-rework kill videos

From SEA server

Post-rework kill videos

Mechanics guide

For all phases:

  • Sollicitatio’s special skill always removes all debuffs cast on her when casted.
  • She has an aura, debuffing nearby units with DMG Taken +25% and Skill Seal. The aura’s range is about the same as Gabriel’s aura range.
  • Unlike other siege units, her basic attack does not penetrate units - which means it will always hit the first target it finds. However, she also has an alternative basic attack that does AOE damage. It is currently unknown what causes this.

Phase 1 (first bar):

  • Sollicitatio is above ⅔ of her HP in this phase.
  • She slowly moves toward the ship, only stopping at Tower units.
  • Her skill sets two bombs, one targeting the nearest unit and the other targeting the furthest in her range.

Phase 2 (second bar):

  • Sollicitatio is between ⅓ and ⅔ of her HP in this phase. She enters the phase by performing a backstep then resetting her skill meter, instantly casting it.
  • She continues her movement pattern, stopping at Towers.
  • Her skill in this phase puts a vacuum in the backline, pulling in units 5 times. On the fifth time, it explodes, dealing damage.

Phase 3 (last bar):

  • Sollicitatio enters this phase at ⅓ of her hp remaining by performing a backstep then resetting her skill meter, instantly casting it.
  • She continues her movement pattern, stopping at Towers.
  • Her skill in this phase sets three bombs from phase 1 around your units, and places a vacuum bomb from phase 2 along with them.

Bored Phase:

  • If the player reaches 1:03 on the timer, Sollicitatio will ignore her current HP phase and instead ignore even towers to go straight for the ship. When she reaches the ship, she casts her ultimate skill which instantly destroys it. Also she does it again after you lose.
  • Her skill in this phase carpet bombs the area with bombs from phase 1 and 2.

Tips and tricks

  • The boss has very high DEF, so stacking Defense shred up to 100% for bursting is recommended.
  • Use Gabriel to stop her movement, as he is a Tower that provides Siege DMG Res to nearby allies. However, he cannot tank the boss on his own, so a Striker like Chifuyu is often paired with him to sponge the boss’ hits.
  • Barriers can help sponge hits from the phase 1 skill. Along with Shiyoon’s counter, the backline can be made entirely safe from skill damage, aside from the one applying the barriers.
    • Shiyoon needs CDR gear, at least 36% to counter all bombs. This value can be reduced if the player pairs him with Harim.
  • Since the phase 1 skill targets the furthest unit in range, deploying a unit behind most of the team can redirect the bomb toward the back, and the unit may even be able to outrun the bomb, not detonating it. This is often referred to as “bomb kiting”.
    • Razangriff’s wall skill can also kite bombs.
  • As it is nearly impossible for most of the team to survive Phase 3, often it is preferred to simply burst through the phase.
  • If Shiyoon counters her phase 2 bomb while she is performing the backstep into phase 3, the backstep gets cancelled and her skill does not get its cooldown reset.
    • This makes bursting phase 3 much easier, as Sollicitatio will not cleanse the debuffs from herself.
  • Since there is no gear that can get both Anti-Ground and Anti-Siege damage together, DPS units in this boss gear with Sc. CDMG + Anti-Ground. Using Ranged and Melee DMG works as well, but is a higher investment.

Recommended units


Both have 50% DEF break on second skill, but one massively buffs strikers and the other provides a wall usable for distraction.


Stops the boss from moving and buffs allies to help them survive.


Their kits help the team survive some of the boss mechanics.

Joo Shiyoon
Yang Harim
Arius Esquede
Awakened Shin Jia
Damage dealers
Kim Sobin
Administration Rifleman
Xiao Lin
Kestrel Xiao Lin
Awakened Seo Yoon
Defense shredders

Tarrasque and Terminator are hybrid damage dealers and defense shredders, Seo Yoon is an amazing buffer for bursting.

Seo Yoon
Nanahara Chifuyu