Tyrant Armor

Danger Close Tyrant Armor

Tyrant Armor



A Category 3 C.O. observed regardless of the depth.Unlike the Beast type, which is dominated by instinct, it has the discretion to wait for an opportunity, thus posing a greater threat.Its combat style changes greatly depending on the armament floating around its main body.

※ Attack with units with multiple-hit skills to interrupt Tyrant Armor's attack patterns.


Tyrant Armor Normal80452 35050991500767852502
Tyrant Armor Hard100714 684800921119801232724
Tyrant Armor Nightmare1301 416 57813 9383389135319731158

Pre-rework kill videos

From SEA server

Post-rework kill videos

Mechanics guide

Currently the mechanics guide isn't available for the boss.

Tips and tricks

  • When the boss’ HP drops below 66% and 33%, it will initiate hit checks that will require a certain amount of attacks to clear it. Using multi-units, high attack rate units are recommended,
  • The boss has very high DEF, so stacking Defense shred up to 100% for bursting is recommended,
  • In order to evade the boss’ attacks, the unit’s EVA needs to be over 1053,
  • For dealing with the boss’ ultimate, the first few hits can be redirected, and a barrier will prevent the final attack,
  • AoE damage is nice to have for dealing with the mobs, in order to reduce the stress on the frontline.

Recommended units


Defense shredding is basically required for a good clear. Razangriff can be used as a poor man’s New Detroit. Only use Enterprise if the team can achieve 95-100% Defense Shred.


Most upped frontline units can be used for tanking as well.

Nanahara Chifuyu
Roy Burnett
Abyssal Ravage Orca
Near Astraea Esterosa
Damage dealers
Administration Rifleman
Frederick Doma
Rosaria le Friede
Defense shredders

Tarrasque is a hybrid damage dealer and defense shredder, Seo Yoon is an amazing buffer for bursting and Lucretia’s passive can also be used in specific cheese comps.

Seo Yoon
Roy Burnett
Nanahara Chifuyu
Lone Lee

They significantly increases the damage output of the team.

Shin Jia
Awakened Shin Jia
Seo Yoon
Yang Harim
Boss check specialists

Those employees attack really fast and can help with passing the boss checks.

Administration Rifleman
Assault Trooper
Ultimate redirecters

You use them to save your team from the boss ultimate.