Tyrant Sword

Danger Close Tyrant Sword

Tyrant Sword



A Category 3 C.O. observed regardless of the depth.Unlike the Beast type, which is dominated by instinct, it has the discretion to wait for an opportunity, thus posing a greater threat.Its combat style changes greatly depending on the armament floating around its main body.

※ Minimize the damage by decreasing the number of units within Tyrant Sword's range.


Tyrant Sword Normal80609 56767326418218521000
Tyrant Sword Hard1001 000 74110 557697104112321446
Tyrant Sword Nightmare1302 007 88218 401746138419732317

Post-rework kill videos

Mechanics guide

  • Tyrant Sword slowly moves towards the nearest unit. When a ground unit enters melee range, Tyrant sword attacks will apply 5% HP Burn, 5% Healing reduction per hit.
    • When a flying unit is the first unit within sight range, Tyrant sword unleashes AoE Ranged attacks.
  • On special skill, Tyrant sword slashes in front, dealing AoE damage.
    • If the special skill kills a unit, the cooldown of the special skill will be reset.
  • When the boss’ HP drops below 70%, 50%, and 30%, it summons a sword from your ship that drags allied ground units directly hit by it.
  • At 2:03, the boss uses its ultimate, dealing damage in a massive AoE in the direction it's facing.

Tips and tricks

  • The boss’ EVA is high, so it is recommended to bring units with high hit and evasion shred (Required hit for Sure Fire: 4,345; 2173 with 50% EVA shred).
  • Bring units that can deal with Air enemies. Preferably ones with AoE damage,
  • The HP threshold sword drag can be prevented - since the attack’s level of hitstun is only special, Joo Shiyoon can counter it,
  • This also means units that grant Immunity to hitstun from special or better can prevent the drag, and units that are casting skills can avoid the drag, but not the damage.
    • Upon evasion, the drag is also prevented.
  • The boss ultimate will only deal damage to the direction its facing, which means it can be redirected

Recommended units


Provides evasion shred and hit buff to deal with the boss’ massive EVA


Sigma provides Battery, Camping, and damage buff for Strikers.

Anti-Air specialists

Great DPS that deals with the flying units. Lyudmila is inferior to Karin Wong, but her skills can still deal AoE damage.

Karin Wong
Replacer Queen
Damage dealers

The best single target DPS against Strikers in the game.

Anti-sword drag specialists

Canceling the sword drags that would otherwise destroy your backline.

Joo Shiyoon
Replacer Rook
Mansion Master

Raphaela can easily be used to redirect the boss’ ultimate, same with Veronica but it requires the right timing. Rearm Esterosa can tank for very long with her immortality.

Near Astraea Esterosa
Administration Shieldman
Raphaela Juri the Evil Chaser