Dimension Trimming is the new weekly endgame PVE game mode where you need to prepare 3 unique squads to fight against 3 different stages depending on the season. Each player is allowed up to 3 hits and up to 30 retries per week.

Currently there are 2 different branches(Jungle and Volcano) where you start at level 1, and each clear will progress the branch to the next level with increased CP requirement and stronger debuffs.


To unlock the mode you must clear Episode 8 of the main story.

Other requirements:

  • You must have 3 unique squads which may NOT include duplicate characters or operators (unlike Danger Close). Each gear piece may also be only used once,
  • Each squad should also meet the Combat Power requirements otherwise the squad will get affected by stat penalty,
  • The base CP requirement starts at 140,000 at level 1 and goes up to 270,000 at level 100,
  • The maximum penalty is at -50% all stats when your squad total CP is 20% below the requirement.


Dimension trimming rewards you with a set of new T7 relic gears based on the season:

  • Jungle season gears have substats focused on increasing healing,
  • Volcano season gears substats focused on different types of DMG increase(Ultimate skill increase, Special skill increase, DEF Penetration etc).

Both Gears share the same set option pools.

List of all set options:

We are currently working on adding the list of sets!


Check some examples videos that show how to clear the stages.