What are Dives?

Dives are a form of progressive content where you fight through a series of nodes containing various enemies until you finally beat the boss level.

Dives are highly valued by players because of the generous rewards that they offer. They give credits, Eternium, Imaginary Cores (which can be spent at the Dive shop) and various other rewards depending on the difficulty of the Dive.

These are how the Dive nodes generally look like:

Dive Nodes

How do I access Dives?

Dives are found in the World Map. Once you are at the World Map, you can access a series of Dives via this icon at the bottom right of the screen:

Dive Depth

You get 2 Dive permits everyday, which can stack up to a maximum of 10. These permits are used to clear dives within this icon, up to the maximum level of 50.

In addition, all your office branches have a chance to spawn a Dive after a dispatch mission is finished, like this:

Dive Depth

Special nodes to take note of

There are nodes with exclamation marks on them. This is to denote a “high difficulty” node, which will be more difficult to clear and will always reward an artifact upon successful completion. You will be given 3 random artifacts to choose from, as shown below:

Dive Nodes

There are also safe nodes, which look like this:

Dive Nodes

These nodes have no enemies, and will either heal all your ships by 20% of their max hp or give you 3 artifacts to choose from. The ship heal is extremely valuable, because all your ships will slowly lose health during the time they spend in battle.

Dive Nodes

What do I need to do a Dive successfully?

You will need multiple teams of units to attempt a Dive (up to 4 teams). The lower levels are extremely easy and can be completed with barely levelled units, but you will need better built units and a decent team comp at higher levels

All teams should consist of 1-2 frontline tanks, 1 healer, and 1-2 dps units. Also, all your teams need to have 8 units before you can start the Dive. A sample team which fulfils these criteria is shown below:

Dive Nodes

There is also a support system for Dives, where the assigned leaders of other teams can be deployed to assist the team currently in battle. These leader support units will be marked with the word “SUPPORT” and will appear on the right of your usual unit deployment lineup, as shown below:

Dive Nodes

Putting units such as Evelyn (a very strong healer) or A.Hilde (a very sturdy frontline tank) as leader supports can greatly help with clearing more difficult dive nodes consistently.

Do I have to play this on manual?

As of now, it is highly recommended to manually send teams on fights and also manually select artifacts. This not only allows you to manage ship healing and health more effectively, but also allows you to choose the right artifacts to help you out. This is especially important, because there are now artifacts with pretty significant debuffs that can ruin your entire run, and there’s a chance these artifacts could be picked by the game on auto.

We also have a guide dedicated to the lvls 46-50, because those are the hardest dive levels in the game with special mechanics.