This guide is meant to introduce Evolved-001 (E1) comps and how the team plays, as well as note some common members of the comp and the roles they serve.

This isn’t meant to be a definitive guide to playing E1 so much as it is a rundown of what to expect and some common decisions you’ll be pressed to make over the course of a typical match (I am not nearly as credible as other RTA challengers!).

Much of the information presented here comes from my own experience learning E1, which involved soliciting the very helpful discord community, watching way too many RTA streams, and losing a lot.

I hope this guide helps make E1 comps more approachable for the 10 other people that pulled her banner, as well aid those trying to understand the thought process behind E1 so they may better play against it.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't be afraid to dm Yiggins who is the author of the guide Yiggles#8990.

Evolved-001 Playbook

Due to the guide being massive, very detailed and also to allow the author to easily edit it, it will be kept in the original form as a google doc.

Link to the guide:

Evolved-001 Playbook