You will spend most of your time as a new player trying to finish the story. While in the past, the story mode was quite complicated as most of the stages required you to solve a puzzle with flying ships, in the last few months majority of those was replaced by simple stages with either waves of enemies you need to kill or with just a single boss enemy - so very similar to other gacha games.

While this change drastically lowers the time you need to spend on progressions through the game, it also makes it a bit plain because all you do is enter a stage and auto-mode will clear it for you.


You will gain access to Raids once you unlock Branches and start sending your employees out on various missions (1, 4 or 8 hour long). When they return with the spoils, there exist a small chance you will either spawn a Dive or a Raid boss.

Raid boss requires you to use a 16 employee team and while the low-leveled raids are easily soloable, the highest ones requires help from your friends or company.

What's important here is that when you spawn a Raid, you can share it with others and even without stepping foot inside, you're guaranteed the best rewards once they kill it. So don't be selfish and share your raids (but first grab some friends and join a company)!

Here's a sample gameplay from the highest current raid level available in the game:


Dive is the other mode that you can get access to from Dispatches, and it's pretty similar to AFK Arena's Labyrinth. At least gameplay wise. Basically you prepare up to 5 fully-crewed ships and have to travel through a set of nodes, carefully picking your route to reach the boss at the end.

While the early floors of Dive are pretty easy, the last five levels are considered the hardest content in the game - you have to fight way higher-leveled enemies than you and also it's the place where Evolved-1 dwells.

You have to clear Dive 50 to unlock Evolved-1 farm spot and Matador ship recipe.

Here is an example game play video from that mode:

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Guild Coop

Guild Coop is basically a hardcode version of normal Raid that's targeted toward Companies.

Each week, a new set of Arenas open and the big bad Worm respawns. You first have to clear the Arenas (using teams of 8 employees) to gather Artifacts that will make killing the Worm much much easier. But beware! Don't attack any Arena randomly and coordinate with your Company first, because you get limited attempts each week.

When you finally get the Artifacts, you can attack the Worm. It's HP is much higher going up to 70kk for the last stage of the boss and you can't auto the boss like you do in normal Raids. Also there are certain employees like Mone or John Mason that make this fight much easier.

Here's a sample video of a boss attempt:

And here's an overview of the mode:

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Danger Close

Danger Close is Counter Side's version of the boss rush mode that's pretty popular in other other games. The mode is split into 2-week Seasons. During the first one, you daily get 3 chances to attack one of two bosses, and the second week acts as break period.

There are currently 8 Danger Close bosses, out of which 6 are available in SEA Region. Each Seasons picks two random bosses and to make things spicier, each boss has a random buff and debuff attached to them. This makes it so you can't use identical teams whenever the boss returns and you need to adjust to the new challenge.

Furthermore, there exist one more important limitation - you can't use the same employee, ships or operators on both bosses. This forces you to have a wide roster or even to raise duplicates of certain employees/ships that are very strong in this mode.

Here's a example boss fight:

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Shadow Palace

Shadow Palace is PVE mode where you need to conquer a dungeon with 5 floors and 5 stages on each one, but every stage has different restrictions - for example some ban Rangers, other Strikers.

How it works? Each day, you get one Entry Ticket and you can save up to 7. You need a Ticket to enter the floor of your choosing and you get 3 Hearts in return. You lose 1 Heart when you fail a stage and if you lose all 3 you will be kicked out from the floor and will need another Ticket to enter.

What's important is that the Skip option isn't available in this mode which means you have to create a set of teams that are able to tackle one of the floors and also do it on auto with 100% win rate.

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