Grem's Bar

Gremory’s Bar is an periodically run event where you’ll make some cocktails.

...and spend Eternium. A LOT. Of Eternium. Like, seriously A LOOOOOOT of Eternium. To be exact, the milestones stop at 650,000 Eternium. And you’ll need to spend that in a span of two weeks, alongside a set of daily missions, but those are simple anyway. Now before you pull your hair out on that Eternium number, do know that you don’t need to go through all the Eternium milestones to get the grand prize of 100 Set Binaries.

Candies System

This event uses a system where you do missions to get candies, which do two things:

  • Traditional event shop,
  • Milestones.

The milestones is what this guide will focus on, as the event shop is easily clearable anyway.

You gain rewards at certain amounts of candies earned total, regardless if you’ve spent them already or not. Most of these milestones are ingredients for the cocktails, which will be covered in another section, but the final milestone at 400 candies is 100 Set Binaries, which is what many people will be eyeing.

By doing the event dailies, you can get 5 candies daily, and 5 more if you spend 300 quartz on anything. Assuming you’re active daily, you get 70 candies not counting the quartz missions. Since the event spans two weeks, you should buy the weekly pack for Classified tickets, already filling two of these missions - however, on the week the event starts, if you waited to buy them, you can get a third pinned down. This also applies to monthly Set Binaries, if you’re willing to wait.

The other missions last the whole two weeks, and they’re simply use Eternium:

Milestone No.Candies AwardedTotal

In total, these milestones give 335 candies. However, the final milestone requires 650,000 Eternium, which most players will not reach. It is possible though even without buying any Eternium, so start hoarding your Eternium: leave the mailbox, dives, Counter Pass, etc. unclaimed unless they’re about to expire, and get ready to farm dispatches and dives.

Discounting the 70 candies you get from dailies, and 10 more from at least 2 Classified quartz packs, you only need to reach milestone 59 - but this is still 645,000 Eternium. If you spent 300 quartz daily on the other hand, you will only need to reach milestone 50, which is 510,000 Eternium.

In short, there are two choices to get those sweet 100 glimmering gold Binaries:

  • Hoard Eternium, be very active in farming 1hr dispatch and dives during the event, or
  • Bust 300 quartz daily.

Of course you can take a blend of both. And a big question is, what is the best way to spend 300 quartz daily? The simple answer is Eternium or shop refresh. Eternium obviously helps the milestones as well.

The most important takeaway here is, do you think the Set Binaries are worth the quartz you’re potentially using on them. Think that through carefully and use your own judgement. I will mention though that 100 Set Binaries for 3300 quartz is the same efficiency as the 30 Set Binary quartz pack monthly.

Do note because of how much you need to farm for this event, it’s likely that if you miss a single day, it’s over for you. It is possible, but likely costly, to make a comeback, but as mentioned earlier, judge if you think it’s worth it or not.

Also if you want to do dispatch farming, check out the dispatch guide to optimize for dive farming.


To make a cocktail, you choose 2 of 3 ingredients and a mixing method. Then you either use it as a loot bag or give it to Gremory, which you should do daily - she tells you which drink she wants when you tap her. Thankfully someone already made an image about each cocktail you can mix. Thanks Juan Rafael Escolar from the CS SEA Facebook group.

Grem's Bar