This article is written with a very long-term perspective on account progression. This will make more sense by the time you’re done reading this. For now, understand that: Operators are not required to clear general PVE content.

What are Operators?

Operators support your team from the sidelines with their active and passive effects. An operator can be broken down into their three constituent parts to explain how they contribute to the team:

Operator level
  • Operator stats are applied to the ship (HP%, DEF%, ATK%, Skill Haste%),
  • The HP%, DEF%, ATK% stats increase with Operator level. Skill Haste% does NOT increase with operator level. Operator level can largely be ignored.
Command (Active) Skill
  • Operators have unique Command skills that can be triggered by deploying characters in a specific sequence,
  • Different characters can be deployed between characters of the chain. The chain will time out if it is not progressed. This timer can be reset by progressing the operator proc,
  • The Command Skill is leveled up by feeding dupes of the operator into itself.
Side (Passive) Skill
  • Operators come with a random Side skill from a common pool shared by all operators,
  • The side skill applies a stat buff to all friendly units on the field. The side skill is always active,
  • The side skill is leveled up by feeding other operators with the same side skill, with a chance of success depending on the rarity of the operator fodder,
  • The side skill can be changed by feeding an operator of the same rarity or higher, with a chance of success depending on the rarity of the operator fodder.

Getting SSR Operators

SSR Operators can be pulled from Operator Recruitment gacha banners and purchased directly from the Planet Mall using Task Planet Points. When starting out, it is heavily advised to spend your pulls on Employee banners and use the planet points to slowly accumulate your operator dupes.

Operator banner
Operator shop

Operators gacha uses the same resources (Blue tickets / Quartz) as Employee gacha. The primary purpose of the operator banner is to get “operator fodder”. Operator fodder is a term used to describe low rarity operators with desirable side skills to feed into your main operators. Operator banners are the endgame blue ticket sink. Avoid them until your account is developed and you understand what you’re getting into.

While it ultimately depends on the player and their endgame account direction, this table briefly goes over gacha and planet point priorities:

Account ProgressionPullBuyRationale



For new players, the top priority is getting their first copy of Kim Hana.




Catch up on relevant PVE/ PVP SSR’s and get your first operator built.



Employee / Operator

Employee recruitment as needed for important SSR debut banners. You need an absurd amount of operator fodder to raise up various operator side skills.

A Note on DC: For people looking to become competitive Danger Close players, it should be noted that planet points are very frequently spent on unit dupes. Tactical updates have a very pronounced effect in high end competitive environments.

Ultimately, how a player spends their planet points and pulls in endgame is heavily dependent on what they want to achieve. Players at this point should know how to manage their account. This note is meant to provide newer players a glimpse into the mindset of endgame pull prioritization.

Although the unique Command skill is the most eye-catching part of operators, equal attention should be given to the side skill. The passive side skill stat buffs are highly relevant to team performance. In PVP, a level 1 AoE DMG RDC operator can perform better than an SSR operator with a bad side skill.

Relevant Operators

An invested operator is only “needed” when you’re trying to seriously compete in Counterside’s ranked game modes. These are Ranked Gauntlet (PVP) and Danger Close (PVE).

The table below details first operator considerations and side skills:

RankedDanger Close

Priority Operators

Desirable Side Skills

Priority Operators

Desirable Side Skills


Decrease Ground DMG

Increase ASPD

Increase CRIT DMG

Certain operators will perform better in specific situations i.e. Vivian outperforms Kim Hana against certain DC bosses, Kim Hana has a niche within PVP. Although these operators have their uses, they are too specific to make for a good first operator.

Olivie Park

Olivie’s DMG RDC, sustain, and debuff immunity are a perfect combination of defensive stats. Olivie can be used to enable greedy starting deployments, protect against opponents’ burst damage setups, and cleanse problematic debuffs. Of note, Olivie is only compatible with counters and her awkward proc order restricts team building.

Serina Crew

Serina’s on-demand buff block can severely hamper certain characters’ ability to function. Big ones include Replacer King’s wind punches and Awakened Horizon’s invulnerability, but Serina can find plenty of value nullifying defensive/ offensive buffs in general. It is important to keep in mind that Serina is a “reactive” operator whose value is wholly dependent on the characters your opponents play.

Kim Hana

Kim Hana is a universal operator that performs well in all content but especially excels in Danger Close where her DP refund and skill haste help accelerate unit deployments and cooldowns.

Other (niche) operators sometimes see use, but they are far more situational and significantly less popular. It is difficult to emphasize how unviable most operators are.These three operators represent the vast majority of operators used in their respective game modes.

Various Operator Tables and Rates

Operator banner
NameDescriptionLevel 1Level 11
Decrease Air DMGAlly damage taken from Air units-5%-20%
Decrease Ground DMGAlly damage taken from Ground units-5%-20%
Decrease Ranged DMGAlly damage taken from Ranged units-7,5%-25%
Decrease Melee DMGAlly damage taken from Melee units-7,5%-25%
Decrease AoE DMGAlly damage taken from AoE attacks-10%-20%
Increase HITAlly HIT increased+130+350
Increase EVAAlly EVA increased+130+280
Increase ASPDAlly ASPD increased+2%+12%
Increase SPDAlly SPD increased+7,5%+25%
Increase Role AVD DMGAlly Advantage Role DMG increased+10%+50%
Increase CRIT DMGAlly CRIT DMG increased+15%+30%
CRIT DMG RESAlly CRIT DMG Res increased+12,5%+30%