The Shadow's Palace shop is another source of Binaries, but it's also the only place where you can buy Molds that allow you to craft Spectral gear.

Depending on which Floor you are able to clear, you will have to ignore some of the items as you won't have enough Shadow Fragments to buy everything.

What to buy?

Shadow Palace Shop

Items with a red outline are your priority and you should always buy them every week/month.

Items with a blue outline you can buy if you have leftover Shadow Fragments left.

Items without any outline you can simply ignore.

ItemsPriceLimit (weekly)Limit (monthly)Price (weekly)Price (monthly)
Set Binaries20-50-1000
Tunning Binaries530120150600
Ultraprecise T6 Spectral Universal Mold12014120480
T6 Spectral Universal Mold (-75%)151560225900
T6 Spectral Universal Mold (-50%)3015604501800

Note: Prices are shown in Shadow Fragments currency.


  1. Set Binaries
  2. Tuning Binaries
  3. T6 Spectral Universal Mold (-75%)

Be aware that the Set Binaries are monthly-limited, so unless you're able to clear Floor #3 or #4 fully, buy the weekly items first.


Molds are required to craft Spectral gear and as with any gear, it can roll between R and SSR quality. The Ultraprecise T6 Spectral Universal Mold guarantees you that you will get SR or SSR roll.

Still, compared to other gear, even R rarity Spectral can be used with success, but be aware that some sets can only roll on SR and SSR Spectral.

You can learn more about the Spectral gear in this guide:


You need 2500 Shadow Fragments per month to buy all red outlined items:

  • Floor #1 gives 1890 Shadow Fragments per month, so you won't be even able to get everything - prioritize Binaries in that case,
  • Floor #2 gives 2490 Shadow Fragments per month, so it's nearly enough to buy all required items,
  • Floor #3 and above allow you start buying blue outlined items.