About Shadow Palace

Shadow Palace

Shadow Palace is PVE mode where you need to conquer a dungeon with 5 floors and 5 stages on each one, but every stage has different restrictions - for example some ban Rangers, other Strikers.

How it works? Each day, you get one Entry Ticket and you can save up to 7. You need a Ticket to enter the floor of your choosing and you get 3 Hearts in return. You lose 1 Heart when you fail a stage and if you lose all 3 you will be kicked out from the floor and will need another Ticket to enter.

What's important is that the Skip option isn't available in this mode which means you have to create a set of teams that are able to tackle one of the floors and also do it on auto with 100% win rate.


Shadow Palace is the only source of Spectral Gear in the game - gear that is Best in Slot for majority of Soldiers and Mechs, but also some Counters can use it.

But Spectral Gear isn't the only thing you can farm in Shadow Palace. Binaries - both Set and Tuning - are also available in the shop.

To learn more about the gear, rewards and the shop, check our other guides:


Shadow Palace is split into 5 floors and each has a different theme that forces you to use different kind of units and teams to counter whatever awaits you in the stages.

We've split our guides into 6 parts: one for generic tips that apply to all floors and then one for each floor.