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May 6
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Release date
March 16th, 2023
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Romance novels
Food with mint
Collecting bath salts


Mana Reducer


Profundity: Crimson Blossom

Intoxicated by the moonlight and the scent of flowers, she attacks the enemy, dealing damage equal to 250% ATK to the enemy with the highest ATK. If this skill incapacitates the target, it will restore 30% HP and 3000 Mana. If it is a critical hit attack, inflicts x2 damage.

Level 101:

Damage changes to 280%.

Level 201:

Damage changes to 310%, HP recovery changes to 45%, Mana recovery changes to 4500.

Secret Sword: Moonslash

Cuts through the enemy with lightning fast unsheathing, dealing damage equal to 210% of ATK to the enemy with the highest ATK. If it is a critical hit attack, inflicts x2 damage

Level 81:

Damage changes to 230%.

Level 181:

Damage changes to 250%. If this skill incapacitates the target, it will restore 25% HP and 2500 Mana.

Double Moonslice

Throws her sword forward to the target with the highest ATK, dealing damage equal to 110% ATK and reducing Mana by -400 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. If it is a critical hit attack, inflicts x2 damage.

Level 21:

Damage changes to 115%.

Level 121:

Damage changes to 120%. Mana reduction changes to -500, and it changes into a special debuff that cannot be canceled.

DPS - Single
Flaming Flowers

Her flashy sword dance slashes away at the nearest enemy, dealing damage equal to 150% ATK and increasing her Crit Rate by 25% for 14 seconds. If it is a critical hit attack, inflicts x2 damage.

Level 41:

Damage changes to 170%, Crit Rate increase changes to 30%.

Level 141:

Damage changes to 190%, Crit Rate increase changes to 35%.

Clear Mirror, Still Water

She blocks enemy attacks while maintaining her composure despite her burning will. Gains a special "Clear Mirror, Still Water" buff which reduces the amount of total damage received for 6 seconds by 50% if her attacks hit as critical hits. If she is hit while the "Clear Mirror, Still Water" effect is active, she will gain the "Inferno" buff effect which increases her ATK by 20% for 6 seconds.

Level 61:

ATK increase for "Inferno" changes to 25%.

Level 161:

ATK increase for "Inferno" changes to 30%.



Adds a special buff effect which increases Crit DMG by 10% for 6 seconds and grants immunity to Crowd Control throughout the duration when hit while "Clear Mirror, Still Water" is active.

Upgrade 1:

Crit DMG increase changes to 15%.

Upgrade 2:

Crit DMG increase changes to 20%.

Upgrade 3:

Crit DMG increase changes to 25%. Increases Speed by 15%.

Upgrade 4:

Crit DMG increase changes to 30%.

Upgrade 5:

Crit DMG increase changes to 35%.

Upgrade 6:

Crit DMG increase changes to 40%. Increases Speed by 25%.

Stats (at level 40):

ATK: +25%

HP: +14%

Crit Rate: +15%

Crit DMG: +20%



Aki is a monster hyper-carry, but only if you invest everything you have into her to the point your other characters will look with envy at Aki running around with the best gear and highest rarity Artifact.

Aki's damage output is honestly stupid and while she doesn't really help the team in any way (well, the mana reduction skill is great as it counters the biggest threat on the enemy side), the damage alone makes her worth using. She's like a cute murder ball that jumps to the enemy backline and wipes it in a few seconds as she gains mana on kill, allowing her to snowball. The change they made to her kit just before the release actually made her a lot better - her main and ultimate skills previously targeted the lowest HP enemy, but now they target the highest ATK one. This means she will directly jump to the backline and attack the squishy DPS who hides there and just one-shot him (if she crits, but more about that later).

On top of that, she's hard to kill and compared to Linzy or Jacq who often struggle in the backline, she can survive there long enough to do her job - that is murdering everything with a smile on her face. Also, she works pretty well as a secondary DPS in PVE, as she doesn't need her Ultimate to shine - her Main skill alone is enough for her to carry. This means you can put her into a Honglan team and she will thrive there.

That's why she's so good in PVP as there ultimates are disabled - she often can solo the whole enemy team alone.

Still, it's not like Aki is the second coming of Christ. She has a few issues. Pretty big ones. The first was already mentioned - reliance on heavy investment. While you do the same things with every carry you use - be it Honglan, Viv - they can still work on lower investment, while Aki struggles there. She is greedy and you really need her Artifact at Legendary+ rarity for her to truly shine. The second issue is that she's not a plug-and-play character and you need to pair her with others that give her a critical chance - as she needs to crit to get rolling. Jiho and Mephi are great partners for Aki.

Also, make sure to give her 2x Crit chance and 2x Speed sets - this is the best middle ground that gives her quite a lot of crit chance but also allows her to juggle her skills faster.


We're waiting for the next Guild Raid to start to test her there.

Pros & Cons

  • best hyper carry in the game - if you need damage, Aki is for you,

  • can wipe the backline in a few seconds alone,

  • you can use her without her Ultimate as her Main skill alone hits like a truck.


  • wants the best gear and artifact, all of it,

  • you need to pair her with characters that increase her critical chance (and speed to a lesser extent),

  • yes, she brings tons of damage, but basically 0 team utility. So in the future when they release a character with similar damage output, but who also can help the team, Aki will be benched.


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