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November 9th, 2023
Son Seon-Yeong
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Eileen aims for the back of the enemy with the lowest HP. She slashes down from the sky, dealing 180% damage to an area 2.5m near her target. Her main target receives an additional 180% damage, and 270% more damage if there are no enemies within 3m of the target.

Level 101:

Damage changes to 200% damage against main target changes to 200% additional damage dealt to isolated main target changes to 300%.

Level 201:

Damage changes to 220%, damage against main target changes to 220%, additional damage dealt to isolated main target changes to 330%. Deals an additional 110% damage if the target enemy's Mana is below 30% and steals all of the enemy's Mana.

Catch me if you can!

Eileen tosses a dice that's actually a smoke bomb, stealthing her for 10 seconds and making enemies within 2.5m fall asleep for 3 seconds. Her Crit Rate increases by 10% and her Crit DMG increases by 20% while she is stealthed.

Level 81:

Crit Rate increase changes to 15%, Crit DMG increase changes to 30%.

Level 181:

Crit Rate increase changes to 20%, Crit DMG increase changes to 40%.

DPS - Single
Don't just stand there!

Eileen cuts through her nearest enemy with her dagger, dealing 100% ATK damage and decreasing the enemy's Mana by 1600. If she is stealthed, she deals additional 100% ATK damage, and deals another 100% ATK damage if there are no enemies within 3m of the target.

Level 21:

Damage changes to 110%, additional damage changes to 110%.

Level 121:

Damage changes to 120%, additional damage changes to 120%, deals additional 120% ATK damage if the enemy's Mana is below 20% steals all of the enemy's Mana.

Everything's mine!

Eileen spins near the nearest enemy, dealing 130% ATK damage to enemies within 2m. If she is stealthed, she steals a buff effect from the enemy and permanently transfers the buff to all stealthed allies (up to 3 stacks). ATK/Crit Rate - 20% Accuracy/Crit DMG - 40% Speed/Life Steal - 10%

Level 41:

Damage changes to 140%

Level 141:

Damage changes to 150%, deals additional 150% damage if only one enemy got hit.

Here we go! Try to catch me!

Eileen gets stealthed for 10 upon starting the battle, increasing her Speed by 10% while she is stealthed. Her normal attacks target the enemy with the lowest max HP. If Eileen is alone, she becomes "Discovered," during which she can get hit even when she's stealthed.

Level 61:

Speed increase changes to 15%.

Level 161:

Speed increase changes to 20%.


Buff - Mass

Increases ATK and Crit Rate of all stealthed allies by 5%.

Upgrade 1:

ATK and Crit Rate increase changes to 7.5%.

Upgrade 2:

ATK and Crit Rate increase changes to 10%.

Upgrade 3:

ATK and Crit Rate increase changes to 12.5% In addition, becomes stealthed for 4 seconds when using the "Don't just stand there!" if there are no other enemies within 3m of the target.

Upgrade 4:

ATK and Crit Rate increase changes to 15%.

Upgrade 5:

ATK and Crit Rate increase changes to 17.5%.

Upgrade 6:

ATK and Crit Rate increase changes to 20% In addition becomes immune to crowd control effects (excluding taunt) if she is stealthed.

Stats (at level 40):

ATK: +25%

HP: +14%

Crit: +15%

CDMG: +20%



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PVE (early)


Boss (Charite)


Boss (Gaia)


Boss (Rudra)


Coming out from a smoke bomb, Eileen is the latest soul joining the human roster bringing a kit heavily focused on mana control and damage. Her main skill is her bread and butter, allowing her to get stealthed, increasing her critical rate and critical damage significantly while also putting enemies to sleep.

Stealth is a core mechanic of her kit - while she is hidden she can increase the damage of her 'Don't just stand there' skill and copy buffs(even if the description reads 'steal') using her Everything's mine! Passive. The buff stealing unfortunately affects only stealthed allies, but this at least includes herself and also enables more potential synergies in the future.

Speaking of synergy, her artifact buffs the attack and critical rate of stealthed souls and (at legendary+ or above) allows Eileen to enter stealth when using her 'Don't just stand there' sub skill as long as there are no enemies within 3 meters of the target. This makes gearing Eileen very easy, the usual dex/crit dmg set is great on her since she has a lot of free critical rate% when she has her stealth buff.

Her ultimate also has a similar gimmick, targetting the enemy with the lowest HP and also dealing splash damage around them. Her main target receives extra damage - and the bonus skyrockets when there are no allies close to the target.

We've talked about Eileen's damage potential, but what makes her interesting is her ability to control mana on the opponent: her ultimate skill will steal all the target's mana as long as she's hitting an enemy below 30% of mana, and her 'Don't just stand there' subskill will do the same as long as the enemy is below 20%.

This makes Eileen an excellent choice for players who want to improve their raid performance in Charite, where keeping the boss' mana in check is one of the most important mechanics of the fight, coupled with her increased damage when hitting an isolated target

Her kit will likely be a great addition to ESS teams as well, with her access to the rare sleep status, and bonuses to fighting an isolated target. Despite all her good points, Eileen is not a mandatory investment; while she opens up new team possibilities like running two human-centric teams, previous team options remain just as valid and successful in the current guild raids environment.

Since her ultimate needs to be cast at the proper time in order to ensure she can steal mana, players that prefer using autobattle may not find her as useful. Also, outside of bosses, her assassin role can overlap with souls players may have already invested heavily into like Aki and Linzy, leading to diminishing returns for players that are still in the process of fleshing out their roster.

It is also important to note that, at the time of the review, Yuria was just released and the anniversary is already within sight - we suggest players be mindful of their resources and prepare for a potential new A/D soul for anniversary. Claudia should also get a rerun banner during anniversary, in case you missed out on her!

Pros & Cons

  • Great against bosses

  • Mana control on ultimate/sub skill

  • Lots of free stats when in stealth


  • Not suitable to autoplay

  • Overlaps a bit with other human souls outside of bosses

Best set to use

Crit Damage>>>Crit(2x)+Crit damage (2x)

Love story

  • Confidential documents.

  • You switched the dice.

  • Stop Eileen

  • Let's just eat.

  • Pay for what Eileen has stolen.

  • Trust Eileen.


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