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June 28th
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March 2nd, 2023
Garyeong Kim
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Character Professor Teddy
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Are you "the" Savior? H-hi... I guess you will be fighting many battles from now on, right? Um, let me give you some potions I made. Well, I should go now...

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Ars Magna

The philosopher's stone finally crafted. Restores HP of all allies by 280% of ATK.

Eureka!: All allies become immune to damage for 3 seconds.

Eureka!!!: Increases target's ATK by 22% for 10 seconds.

Level 101:

HP recovery changes to 310%.

Eureka!: Damage immunity duration changes to 4.

Eureka!!!: ATK increase changes to 26%.

Level 201:

HP recovery changes to 340%.

Eureka!: Damage immunity duration changes to 5.

Eureka!!!: ATK increase changes to 30%.

Magnum Opus

Throws an essence of recovery. Restores HP of the ally with the lowest HP and nearby allies within 2.5m by 220% of ATK.

Eureka!: Recovers additional HP by 100% of ATK.

Eureka!!!: Casts a barrier which absorbs damage equal to 160% of Erika's ATK for 12 seconds.

Level 81:

HP recovery changes to 240%.

Eureka!: HP recovery changes to 110%.

Eureka!!!: Barrier absorption changes to 180%.

Level 181:

HP recovery changes to 260%.

Eureka!: HP recovery changes to 120%.

Eureka!!!: Barrier absorption changes to 200%.

Poisonous Potion

Throws poison, dealing damage equal to 110% of ATK to the furthest enemy and poisons the target. The poisoned target receives damage equal to 55% of ATK for 10 seconds.

Eureka!: Decreases target's ATK by -16% for 10 seconds.

Eureka!!!: Decreases the target's DEF by -16% for 10 seconds.

Level 21:

Damage changes to 120%, poison damage changes to 60%.

Eureka!: DEF decrease changes to -20%.

Eureka!!!: ATK decrease changes to -20%.

Level 121:

Damage changes to 130%, poison damage changes to 65%.

Eureka!: DEF decrease changes to -24%.

Eureka!!!: ATK decrease changes to -24%.

Giant Potion

Throws a huge healing potion to allies in crisis. Restores the HP of the ally with the lowest HP by 180% of ATK.

Eureka!: Increases target's Physical/Magic Resistance by 16% for 10 seconds.

Eureka!!!: Additionally restores target's HP by 90% of ATK.

Level 41:

HP recovery changes to 200% of ATK.

Eureka!: Physical/Magic Resistance increase changes to 20%.

Eureka!!!: Recovery changes to 100%.

Level 141:

HP recovery changes to 220% of ATK.

Eureka!: Physical/Magic Resistance increase changes to 24%.

Eureka!!!: Recovery changes to 110%.


Creates a potion from an idea that suddenly came up. Increases her ATK by 14% for 8 seconds and gains a special Eureka! buff that activates skill's additional effect. Additionally grants a 30% chance to activate the Eureka!!! effect.

Level 61:

ATK increase changes to 17%, chance for Eureka!!! to activate changes to 40%.

Level 161:

ATK increase changes to 20%, chance for Eureka!!! to activate changes to 50%.


Elixir of Life

When using the "Eureka!" skill, her mana is additionally restored by 500 and her Speed is increased by 10% for 8 seconds. Also adds an effect to the "Magnum Opus" and "Giant Potion" skills which removes 2 debuff effect from the target.

Upgrade 1:

Speed increase changes to 15%.

Upgrade 2:

Speed increase changes to 20%.

Upgrade 3:

Speed increase changes to 25%. Adds an effect to the "Poisonous Potion" skill which removes 2 buff effects from the target.

Upgrade 4:

Speed increase changes to 30%.

Upgrade 5:

Speed increase changes to 35%.

Upgrade 6:

Speed increase changes to 40%, and ATK additionally increases by 20%.

Stats (at level 40):

ATK: +20%

HP: +24%

Crit Rate: +6%

Crit DMG: +13%



Erika is a Healer who loves to gamble so much, she decided to build her kit around it too - every time she uses any of her skills, she flips a coin and if lady luck favors her, she gives additional effects to Erika's skills. Overall, while RNG-based characters are usually excellent in idle games as you can retry a stage hundreds of times until you win all coin flips, compared to Linzy who actually works like that, Erika is sadly not as good as her kit has several issues.

Erika's strongest skill is her Ultimate - as it gives damage immunity and ATK buff to all allies, and heals them - and the issue is that you will rarely use it on a support character because when you fight under high deficits, you need to kill the enemies as fast as you can. The second issue lies in that she's too focused on being a healer as three of her four skills heal allies. While her Poisonous Potion skill gives her a nice synergy with Jacq as she will debuff the furthest enemy (and decrease their DEF and ATK, which can be good on bosses), it really isn't enough to make her worth using over the other options we have right now - mainly Catherine and Talia. Those two simply give their allies a lot of utility - something that can't be said about Erika. Furthermore, keep in mind that while Erika is all about healing, her Main skill heals only allies close to whoever she targets - so she's better in teams that have a lot of front-line fighters as in most cases the Tank is who will need the healing.

Also, a lot of Erika's utility is locked behind her Artifact - while the base version gives her debuff removal, you need to get her up to L+ to get the upgrade to her Poisonous Potion that allows removes buff from enemies. And honestly, it's not really worth investing into it for PVE.


PVP though is a different beast - there Erika really shines, especially on Defense in the so-called stall teams. Her healing output is so good, she can easily allow your team to survive till the counter hits 0, so whoever attacked you will suffer a defeat.

Pros & Cons

  • a lot of healing,

  • RNG-based kit allows you to repeat a stage till everything goes the way you want,

  • DEF-shred can be helpful on bosses.


  • healing output drops when you use a back-line heavy team,

  • reliance on Artifact upgrades to get more utility,

  • RNG-based kit - yes, this is both a pro and con as you need to actually get lucky to use Erika in her full form while other characters work out of the box.


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