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Personal information
Lonely but Deadly
March 28
Combat information
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Release date
January 5th, 2023
Gyumi Gwak
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Dark places
Tail trimming

One of the Forest Keeper Souls guarding the sacred power of the Fayren Forest. She has an introverted personality, doesn't trust others much and feels more comfortable watching from afar. Recently, Haru has developed a strong interest in the Savior and his Soul companions...

Buffer (ATK)
Controller (Hard)
Damage over Time
Mana Reducer


DPS - Single
Solitude of the End

Charges with a single dagger. Deals damage equal to 370% ATK to the nearest enemy. If there is no enemy within 3m of the target, deals double the damage.

Level 101:

Damage changes to 400%.

Level 201:

Damage changes to 430%, deals damage penetrating 40% of the target's DEF.

DPS - Single
White Molar of Death

Quickly dashes to the nearest enemy, inflicting damage equal to 300% of ATK and stunning it for 3 seconds.

Level 81:

Damage changes tο 340%.

Level 181:

Damage changes tο 380%, deals damage penetrating 40% of the target's DEF.

Spinning Dagger

Scatters daggers around, dealing damage equal to 110% of ATK in a 2.5m circular area around you and making enemy bleed, dealing damage of 60% of ATK every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.

Level 21:

Damage changes to 120% bleeding damage changes to 65%.

Level 121:

Damage changes to 130% bleeding damage changes to 70%. Target's recovery while bleeding decreases by 50%.

Bleeding Claw

Deals damage equal to 130% ATK to nearby enemies within 2m by sharply scratching them. If the target is bleeding, deals additional damage equal to 90% of ATK.

Level 41:

Damage changes to 140%, additional damage changes to 95%.

Level 141:

Damage changes to 150%, additional damage changes to 100%. If the target is bleeding, the enemy's Mana recovery is reduced by 50% for 10 sec.

Buff - Mass
Pack Hunter

Beasts become stronger when they're together. Gains a special buff that increases the ATK of all allies by 24% when there are at least 2 allies within 3m around Haru.

Level 61:

ATK increase changes to 27%.

Level 161:

ATK increase changes to 30%


Kutune Shirka

Activating "Pack Hunter" increases Haru's Physical/Magic Resistance by 8%. Haru cannot be designated as target of attacks while under the effect of "Camouflage."

Upgrade 1:

Physical/Magic Resistance increase changes to 12%.

Upgrade 2:

Physical/Magic Resistance increase changes to 16%.

Upgrade 3:

Physical/Magic Resistance increase changes to 24%.

Upgrade 4:

Physical/Magic Resistance increase changes to 28%.

Upgrade 5:

Physical/Magic Resistance increase changes to 32%.

Upgrade 6:

Physical/Magic Resistance increase changes to 40%.

Stats (at level 40):

ATK: +25%

HP: +14%

Crit Rate: +15%

Crit DMG: +20%



Haru is one of the best DPS units currently in the Beast faction, with incredibly high multipliers and a global attack buff of a whopping 30% when there are ally units nearby. In story stages, the criteria to achieve the attack buff should be easily obtained since you would usually run a tank alongside Haru as well as a healer or secondary melee units such as Mica, Seeha, or even Catherine.

She also has an innate camouflage kit in her artifact, making her untargettable unless AoE, while boosting her own physical and magic resistance, offering her a bit more durability to an otherwise fragile kit. Her S2’s bleed also reduces target mana recovery by half, which can be very useful against frontlines like Claire or Petra who will heal for a big amount with their M1s, and delaying that might push your DPS to take the frontline. Her M1 is also a great tank shredder, ignoring 40% of target DEF while having a massive 380% damage multiplier. If the enemy only runs 1 frontline, using Haru’s ult could easily destroy it as it doubles the damage to a massive 860% while still ignoring 40% of the DEF.

An issue with her kit is the need for more access to backline units, and this will become a glaring weakness towards later stages if your Haru is not hyper-invested due to the obscene amount of healers, disrupters, and pure stats the enemy will bring against you. Without being able to reach backlines, Haru needs to be able to shred the tank as soon as possible before your own frontline collapses from the enemy DPS.

Her S3 attack buff may also be gimmicky, as the effect will no longer be in effect if your frontline dies and there are fewer than 2 allies beside Haru, bringing your team DPS down significantly. That said, hyper-invested Harus have no issue destroying tanks, making stages with single frontlines a breeze once Haru opens the access to enemy backlines.

Single Bosses

Haru is currently one of the top 4 hyper carries, the other 3 being Vivienne, Linzy and Violette. Her 30% teamwide attack boost alone is already a huge asset to any boss comps, while her kit of targeting single enemies truly shines in boss stages. Being able to stun is just the sprinkle to the cupcake, especially for future bosses with similar mechanics. Do note that you need 2 other units besides Haru for the 30% attack buff to proc, and this can sometimes go away if your frontlines walk too far from Haru, which will heavily affect your score.


Haru is a rare pick since she is a squishy melee unit, and her invisibility will not save her from the rain of AoE damage in most PVP staples like Vivi and Naiah. Not being able to use ult also vastly reduces her DPS, which might lead to you not being able to burst down the enemy tank, while yours starts falling apart.

Pros & Cons

  • 30% teamwide attack buff and great m1.

  • Innate Camouflag to enhance survivability.

  • Bleed DoT to pair with Violette/Velanna.


  • Attack buff can fall off if allies die.

  • Needs hyper investment in later stages to be able to shred tanks.


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