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Personal information
Ice Moon Butterfly
February 25
Combat information
Gear type
Availability and VA information
Release date
February 16th, 2023
Siyoon Park
Hobby and other information
Cloud cookies
Hail (hurts when hit)
Brushing the clouds

When I lie on the fluffy clouds, it seems all my worries about the world melt away. Would you stay with me for a while, Savior...? You would lose track of time. It would be great... Feeling so drowsy, I would roll to the side and see your face close to mine... Hehe...

Controller (Hard)
Debuffer (Other)
Damage over Time
Mana Reducer


Ice Dragon's Howling Fury

Freezes the whole battlefield. Deals damage equal to 170% ATK to all enemies and decreases Mana by 2000. Freezes the enemy, dealing 60% damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds, and Stuns it for 2 seconds.

Level 101:

Damage changes to 185%, freezing damage changes to 65%.

Level 201:

Damage changes to 200%, freezing damage changes to 70%. Mana decrease changes to 2500.

Glacial Shower

Throws a heavy rain of ice, inflicting damage equal to 110% ATK to all enemies, decreases their Mana by 1500, and Freezes them, dealing 55% damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.

Level 81:

Damage changes to 120%, freezing damage changes to 60%.

Level 181:

Damage changes to 130%, freezing damage changes to 65%. Mana decrease changes to 2000.

Ice Dragon

Sends out an ice dragon, dealing damage equal to 100% ATK in a 1.5m wide straight line to the nearest enemy, and inflicts Freeze damage equal to 50% every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Level 21:

Damage changes to 110%, freezing damage changes to 55%.

Level 121:

Damage changes to 120%, freezing damage changes to 60%, freeze duration changes to 12 seconds.

Freezing Strike

Creates an ice pillar. Deals damage equal to 110% ATK in a 2.5m area around the nearest enemy. If the targets are frozen, they are stunned for 2.5 seconds.

Level 41:

Damage changes to 120%.

Level 141:

Damage changes to 130%, Stun duration changes to 3.5 seconds.

Blue Dragon's Dignity

A freezing chill permeates through all enemies while Honglan is on the battlefield, reducing all enemies' Speed by 10% and Evasion by 15.

Level 61:

Speed decrease changes to 12%, Evasion changes to 18.

Level 161:

Speed decrease changes to 14%, Evasion changes to 21.


DPS - Single
Green Dragon Crescent Blade

Restores 200 additional Mana when using "Ice Dragon" or "Freezing Strike" and deals additional damage equal to 70% of ATK on frozen targets.

Upgrade 1:

Mana recovery changes to 300.

Upgrade 2:

Mana recovery changes to 400.

Upgrade 3:

Mana recovery changes to 500. Additional damage changes to 110%.

Upgrade 4:

Adds an effect to "Ice Dragon" and "Freezing Strike" which reduces the target's Mana by 200.

Upgrade 5:

Mana reduction changes to 300.

Upgrade 6:

Mana reduction changes to 500.

Stats (at level 40):

ATK: +25%

HP: +14%

Crit Rate: +10%

Crit DMG: +30%



The newest and only caster for Beast, Honglan packs an impressive kit that mixes debuffs and AoE damage. She is exactly what the Beasts needed as they definitely were the weakest faction, especially after Undead got Velenna.

The majority of Honglan kit is tied up to reducing enemy mana, either via global speed reduction, direct mana reduction, or freeze (units cannot generate mana while disabled). For this reason, Honglan can be built as a budget debuffer without additional dupes to reap her benefits, allowing your team to always use M1 first before the enemy. This places her currently as one of, if not the strongest, debuffers in the game, and she can be very useful in any content with multiple enemies. Alternatively, she can also be built as a hypercarry AoE DPS spamming her ult, which does tremendous damage and CC even after the nerf.

Similar to Talia’s ult that damages all units, stunning them while healing the team and increasing mana, Honglan’s ult is more offense-oriented with a focus on DoT via Freeze damage and mana reduction instead. For these reasons, she can be a very flexible unit that can fit into multiple team comps, though she is slightly held back in flexibility due to her being a Beast, which doesn’t have many good units at the moment.

The glaring weakness is her longer skill generation compared to other units, being one of the slowest similar to Jiho and Jacqueline. As such, it would be advisable to pair her with Vivianne and Talia to increase her mana regeneration and speed, while she debuffs the enemy team. Because of this, your frontlines need to be tankier than other comps since you would not be generating as many heals with Honglan instead of a secondary healer. Should your team hold until a hyper-carry Honglan casts her ult and M1, the stage is likely secured.

Single Bosses

We could not test her performance there as currently there's no boss mode available.


Honglan is an extremely strong pick with her S3 being a global speed reduction, allowing your team to always skill first, and skill more often in the long run. Her CCs are another icing on the cake to further reduce enemy DPS.

Pros & Cons

  • has it all - damage, cc, and debuffs,

  • speed manipulation messes up with enemy teams and the combos set by the devs,

  • mana reduction on both Main and Ult,

  • flexible unit - can fit into many teams.


  • Beast faction. While you can throw her into any team and she will do well, it's hard to find a second good Beast to pair her with Honglan (if you want to run 3+2 faction bonus),

  • slow, like really slow - takes her a long time to generate mana to use her skills (pair her with Viv and Talia to fix the issue),

  • needs her Artifact upgraded to at least L+ to reach her true form (but she works well without it).


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